Building a Father Son Bucket List

There are some dads who will just realize one day that their sons have grown a lot and they haven’t spent a lot of times together because of their busy schedule at work. At some point, their sons are just little kids playing at home, then in a snap, they are halfway through their sophomore year in high school, and after that, they will be off to college.

Father Son Bucket List

The relationship of fathers to their sons is important because it will greatly shape the man he will become in the future. Therefore, taking him on special father and son activities is important because these will allow you to spend some needed one-on-one time with your boy. Men are not into talking face to face while just sitting in one place. Instead, they can easily open up to one another when they are doing something side by side.



If you’re one of those dads who do not want to drop their sons off to college without having done things or shared experiences together, then it’s about time that you create a father-son bucket list. A bucket list can include all of your dreams, goals, and experiences that you want to accomplish someday. If you and your son want to start building your own bucket list, here are some ideas you can include.

Simple Ideas

These ideas are very simple and most of them cost little or nothing at all.

  1. Go on a camping trip.
  2. Try rock climbing.
  3. Go hiking to the top of a mountain.
  4. Organize a backyard party and cook out on the grill.
  5. Read the same book together.
  6. Teach your son how to act and how to treat a girl when in a dinner date.
  7. Create a time capsule.
  8. Teach your son to drive.
  9. Figure out your family.
  10. Visit your favorite childhood place with your son.
  11. Build a tree house in your backyard.
  12. Take surfing lessons.
  13. Go water rafting.
  14. Build projects and learn crafts together.
  15. Do some Science experiments together.
  16. Serve an elderly neighbor.
  17. Go out fishing.
  18. Go to a strawberry or blueberry patch and pick some goodies.
  19. Play on the same basketball team.
  20. Take guitar lessons together.
  21. Go hunting.
  22. Build a model rocket.
  23. Prepare foods and goodies and give them to the poor and hungry.
  24. Go on a weekend retreat.
  25. Go to the barber shop and have the same haircut.
  26. Build a pinewood derby car.
  27. Visit a museum.
  28. Take your son to do a service project with you.

Ideas to Save Up For

Aside from the simple ideas you and your son can do together, you should also include in your bucket list some things and experiences that you will both save up for. These can cost you some money, but the memories you will gain from those experiences are worth it.

  1. Go out of the country together.
  2. Visit the Hall of Fame of your favorite sport.
  3. Go on a fly fishing or deep sea trip.
  4. Take your son to the Monster Jam.
  5. Go on a road trip to Canada and the Southwest U.S.
  6. Attend a concert together.
  7. Ride a hot air balloon.
  8. Go scuba diving.
  9. Take your son to his first NBA and NHL games.
  10. Have dinner in a fancy restaurant and pay for a family’s meal.
  11. Enroll in guitar lessons together.
  12. Take your son to a road trip to Washington, D.C., and see the nation’s capital.

These are just some of the ideas you can include in your father and son bucket list, but as the time pass, there will be more ideas that will come up in your minds. Your bucket list can include as many goals as you like and it go on as long as you want even when you’re both grown-ups.

Having a bucket list and doing things together will help you develop nurturing and meaningful relationships. These will also allow your son to develop into a man in the richest sense of that term. Scuba diving St George Utah is a unique experience. Aside from that, a bucket list is something that will remind you of all the good things you’ve done and all the good times you’ve spent together.