Tips for Making Great Coffee for the Family

Coffee makes people come together. Creating a great coffee is essential, especially if you are sharing it with your family. Your morning or break time will be different once you can master coffee making. 

Nothing can compare to a fantastic coffee to start your day with your loved ones. Great coffee will not only awaken your senses but also leads you to wholesome family time.

Creating a smoother cup of coffee for the special people in your life should be one of your daily mission. While it is tempting to buy a ready-made coffee at your favorite coffee shop, you must discipline yourself not to fall into this temptation. You should find time to perfect your brew for your family.

Coffee for the family is a personal thing. It is both rewarding and therapeutic when it becomes a part of your routine.

Drinking coffee

Do not be easily discouraged in making your coffee. As long you follow some basic steps in brewing your coffee, you will eventually come to a perfect cup of coffee each time you do it yourself.

Some tips to remember for a great coffee 

Check the quality of your water

The difference between tap water and purified water is noticeable, especially after it is heated up. Chloe Langham, of Partners Coffee, said the minerals in water help draw the flavor out of the coffee grounds when brewing. Thus, it is crucial to use filter water to remove the chemicals, sediment, and even the taste coming from your tap water. The use of mineral packets to add to distilled water helps bring perfection in brewing your coffee.

Remember, do not use cheap filters. You can try Oxygen-Bleached or Dioxin-Free paper filters to deliver the perfect flavor for your coffee. You can also pick a gold plated filter or use your Cafe Cafetiera, as recommended by Tank Coffee.

Freshest Beans are a must

If you cannot roast your beans, then you must buy the freshest beans you can find. Coffee is great when being used after roasting. 

While you can buy coffee in bulk, you must keep it away from the sun and too much oxygen exposure to avoid ruining its flavor. If you want to buy your coffee, choose the vacuum packaged in a sturdy bag. You can also have a door-to-door delivery on a frequent schedule.

In buying the beans, focus on the “roasted on” date so you will know the freshness and richness of the beans. Check on locally roasted or specialty coffee that shows the coffee’s origin. Arabica and Robusta beans are the two main beans available in the market. You can select Arabica for its wide range of flavors or the Robusta beans for more caffeine taste.

In keeping the coffee, pick an airtight ceramic jar or glass container with rubber gasket seals. In this manner, your coffee will be free from oxygen which will destroy the coffee’s flavor.


Use a burr grinder

The use of a burr grinder will help you crush the coffee into evenly sized, more uniform pieces. Grinding the coffee yourself will also give you the pleasure of smelling the coffee flavor before brewing. 

Do not use a blade blender because this will result in your coffee being in uneven-sized pieces. Using a pre-ground coffee will deprive you of the fullness of the aroma. The coffee’s texture will also fade fast before you are brewing it. Using a mortar and pestle will also take time to crush your coffee. 

Never store your coffee in the fridge

Don’t store your coffee in a refrigerator. Putting it can ruin the quality of your coffee since it will absorb the moisture and even the other foul odor from the fridge. Just store it in a cabinet, away from direct exposure to sunlight and moisture.

Use more coffee!

Do not skimp on the coffee because it will lose the flavor. To achieve a great cup of coffee, you must add more coffee to it. Make sure you will stick to the standard for attaining the proper strength in brewing your coffee. Have at least 2 3/4 tablespoons per 8-ounce cup or 2 level tablespoons per 6-ounce cup. 


Let the coffee grounds settle

A seasoned barista Ryan Schumack advised letting the coffee grounds settle at the bottom when using a French press. He added that you should not push the plunger down all the way “so as not to disturb the coffee bed.” For consistent coffee and water measurement, Schumack followed the 1:18 ratio, which means for 15 grams of coffee, you will put 270 grams of water.

Temperature matters a lot

The temperature of the water matters a lot in unlocking the flavor of your coffee. Too hot water can bring out the extra bitterness from your coffee instead of its pleasant components. 

The National Coffee Association said that water should be between 90oC to 96oC to unlock the richness of the beans. Or you can leave it for about 45 seconds to cool. 

Avoid reheating or prolonging the coffee on your warming platform because this will make it bitter, or worse, turn the coffee’s smell to putrid.


Clean your wares

Cleaning your containers and equipment will help avoid the formation of oily stuff or other mineral deposit. You can try a vinegar solution or a specialized coffee cleaner to wipe away the mess that will affect the taste of your coffee once you use it again.