What You Should and Shouldn’t Wear With Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are in the trend now. Instagram, street style, and the new shoe arrivals on all the well-known shopping sites are the proof of it. However, a few clothing items go very well with cowboy boots, and similarly, a few of them do not. If you wear cowboy boots with other boldly Western pieces, you may end up looking like someone going to a Halloween party. So, you have to be conscious of what you should wear with your favorite cowboy boots.

Cowboy style never goes out of fashion no matter how many years have passed; it has remained a crush of ladies for a long time. After all, what could be more impressive than a wild style of cowboys in the sunlight?

In today’s time, cowboy boots are not only for men but also equally popular among females. They are also an ideal choice for dynamic and trendy girls. And nowadays, women wear cowboy boots more as compared to men. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best tactical boots, Bugout Bill discussed the best options that you can choose from.

How and What to Wear With Cowboy Boots For Men And Women?

road-wedding-dress-bride-girlThe way men and women wear cowboy boots is entirely different. Women are lucky in a way that they have more choices and ways to wear cowboy boots than men. Cowboy boots dignify the charm of women with perfect curves, high heels, and nobility.

Besides, boots can have sporty, casual, or convenient looks. The cowboy boots are essential fashion items in the ladies’ wardrobe. First of all, let’s see what goes for women.

Bootcut Jeans and Cowboy Boots

The combination of cowboy boots with Bootcut jeans is classic without any doubt. Whether combined with women’s or men’s cowboy boots, it results in a magical effect. With this combination, you will get the comfort and freedom in coordination style: simple, sophisticated, elegant, or wild. You can pick whatever way you want.

Denim Shorts

If you are a follower of a wild and sexy style, this unique and substantial combination is for you. Denim shorts with a button-up or down shirt and cowboy boots will give you a look you want.

Skirt and Cowboy Boots

Combining cowboy boots with a skirt is the best choice if your Bootcut Jeans do not give you the chance to show off those boots. With this style, young girls prefer to wear a pair of eye-catching and bright boots. Moreover, this combination attracts a lot of attention, as it is a dynamic and youthful style.

Skinny Pants/Jeans and Cowboy Boots

Nowadays, as compared to men, cowboy boots for women have more sophisticated stitching with beautiful designs and bright colors. So, for these highly detailed and sophisticated boots, what could be better than skinny jeans?

The beauty of this combination is that you can slip your pants into the shaft to show off your tempting and delicate boots. The blend is perfect for young girls who love the style and dynamism of fashionable cowboy boots.

Dress and Cowboy Boots

The combination of cowboy boots with a dress sounds weird, but you must try it with any of your favorite dress. When your detailed and sophisticated cowboy boots combine with a beautiful dress, it makes you appear more elegant.

The best way to know which dress will go better with your cowboy boots is to try all the dresses you have in your closet, and you will get a pretty clear idea of how excellent this combination looks.

Although men do not have unlimited options as women do, they still can combine their cowboy boots with other clothing items. When wearing cowboy boots, men tend to like elegance and simplicity, or wild and attractive style.

Following are different kinds of pants that will fit your cowboy boots:

Golf Pants

Many people find it weird to wear silly and goofy looking pants, such as golf pants with cowboy boots. But after trying this combination for once, you will love it. They are light and look perfect with the cowboy boots. Golf pants also bring a comfortable but a bit baggy sense. The combination creates the same wild and charismatic style for you, like khaki pants, and you will also get a lot of attention.

Bootcut Jeans

It won’t be wrong to say that Bootcut jeans were born to be worn with cowboy boots. Since these pants are tight on the legs and broad to the end, the top of the cowboy boots gets more room, and you can show them off. This is the reason why bootcut jeans are ideal for cowboy boots.

Khaki Pants

The combination of cowboy boots and khaki pants will give you two classic fashion styles in one organized way. It is not only an infallible choice, but it is also a great way to wear your outfit. Because of its powerful characteristic and dusty color, khaki has very few options in work clothes. With this combination, you will surely get a wild and charming style.

Not Recommended with Cowboy Boots

engagement-autumn-cowboy-boots-loveWith women’s cowboy boots, avoid prairie dresses and overalls, streetwear, hats, piled-on accessories, and sequins and fringe. On the other hand, avoid skinny pants or jeans, jogger pants, and shortswith men’s cowboy boots.

Where to Wear Cowboy Boots and Where To Not?

Where to Wear Cowboy Boots and Where To NotCowboy boots are casual clothing – you cannot wear them in your business setting. Keep your western-styled boots for “fun” social events where a slightly aggressive and little machismo style is not out of place.

Places to wear cowboy boots include:

  • Romantic evening picnics with loved ones
  • Bars
  • Comedy shows
  • Several kinds of step dancing like square, salsa, etc.
  • Rock and country concerts
  • Casual restaurants
  • Any activity that is done on horseback
  • State/country/grange/etc. fairs

Places where you should not wear cowboy boots unless they are a part of your style:

  • Long drives or hikes (not comfortable for either)
  • All types of political function (even casual fundraisers)
  • Modern dance clubs
  • First dates (might not send right impression)
  • Upscale theatre performances
  • Any formal presentations or school

Cowboy Boots in Summers

Cowboy boots are not only meant to wear in winter. You can still put on these dynamic and fashionable boots in summer as well. For women, the recommended type of boots includes work boots and short cowgirl boots. And some of the alluring combinations include shorts, skirts, t-shirts, skinny jeans, and short dresses. And just like all the other boots, you can wear socks with your cowboy boots as well.

Cowboy Boots – A Style Statement

Cowboy boots never go out of style; you only need to know the right combinations of accessories and clothing items to wear with them. If you do not have cowboy boots, buy a pair of your choice and get ready to get a lot of attention. They will make your personality attractive, sophisticated, and somewhat wild.