What Types of Silver Jewelry Should a Man Consider Wearing?

Jewelry is a type of accessory that can truly elevate your outfit and style. Even if you are wearing a simple t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, adding jewelry can make your outfit look much more sophisticated and elegant.

There are various materials that are used for jewelry, and one of the most popular materials is silver. Not only is silver cool to look at, but it is also a little bit more affordable compared to gold, diamond, and other kinds of jewelry materials. So, silver is arguably the best way to get into jewelry without breaking the bank.

Much like materials, there are also different kinds of silver jewelry available in the market, and some of them are suitable for men. To know more, here are the types of silver jewelry that a man should consider wearing.

Silver Watch

One of the most popular types of jewelry that men usually wear is the watch, and by having a silver frame and strap, the watch can transform into an elegant accessory that you can wear almost every day. What’s great about the silver watch is that it does not only have looks, but it has function as well, since it can tell you the time. So, if you are always busy with work schedules, a silver watch can come in handy since you can monitor time quickly and see if you are early or late for a meeting or activity.

Silver Necklace

Another common type of jewelry that men wear almost every day is the necklace, although men typically like to wear necklaces with chains that are thicker or wider than the ones you would normally see worn by women. What’s great about silver necklaces is that they can be quite versatile, so they can match well with any piece of clothing or any shade of color.

Most men don’t have pendants on their necklaces, but you are free to add one if you want to put more emphasis on the accessory. A popular pendant that you can add is a dog tag, but you can put almost anything on the necklace as long as it isn’t too big and restricts your movements.

Silver Cufflinks

silver cufflinks

If you are the type of person that wears dress shirts almost every day for work or for special events, then you should try wearing a pair of silver cufflinks, which are accessories that are used to fasten together the sides of a shirt cuff. Although you can just use the buttons that come with your dress shirt to fasten the cuffs, you can elevate the looks of the shirt by applying a small and simple pair of silver cufflinks.

The cufflinks are arguably the most subtle piece of silver jewelry you can add to your outfit, but they are also the least versatile since you can usually only use them on dress shirts or long-sleeved shirts with buttoned cuffs. But, if you have the opportunity to wear a dress shirt for work or for an event, you should try out a pair of cufflinks and see if they suit your style.

Silver Bracelet

Besides cufflinks, a type of accessory that men don’t usually wear often is the silver bracelet. You would often find silver bracelets worn by women, and men would rather wear silver watches since it looks better on their wider arms. If you want to stay away from the norm, then you should definitely try wearing a silver bracelet on one of your arms.

For a simple look, wear a silver bracelet that has a cuff with minimal or simplistic styling instead of the ones that have intricate engravings and designs. In addition, you may also want to get a silver bracelet with a thicker cuff because a bracelet with a thinner cuff is typically associated with women.

Silver Ring


If you don’t like wearing uncommon men’s accessories like bracelets and cufflinks, you have the option to wear silver rings. Much like cufflinks, rings are also quite subtle in terms of style, but rings are considered more versatile since they can be matched with almost anything, from shirts to coats and suits.

Silver rings are fairly common for men, so you will find many kinds of silver rings that have simple to complex designs. You have the choice of what rings you like to wear and how many you want to have on your fingers, but ideally, you should go for a simple silver ring and just wear one on one finger. Wearing too many rings may look too much for the eyes of others, and it may overshadow your overall outfit or look.

Silver Tie Clip

Similar to the cufflinks, the tie clip is not as common or versatile as some of the accessories mentioned in this article, but it is effective in improving the appearance of your outfit. The tie clip is primarily used to clip together the two ends of the tie once it is already placed on your dress shirt.

In addition, the tie clip can also be used to clip together the tie and the opening of the dress shirt at the center so that the tie would stay in place better. The tie clip can have different designs, although the most commonly used clips have simple designs or have no design at all. If you are always wearing ties for work, then the tie clip would be a great piece of silver jewelry to have since you can keep your tie in place while driving or commuting to the office.

So, these are the types of silver jewelry that you might want to consider wearing to match or elevate your outfit. You can purchase these types of silver jewelry online, but if you want to see if they are suitable for you, you should definitely try them out at a physical jewelry store near you. Try out all kinds of silver jewelry and various designs to see which one is perfect for your style and preference.