What Men’s Clothing Goes Well with Silver

Sophisticated and timeless, silver jewelry is a perfect fit for any stylish man who simply wants to feel good by looking good. Whether it’s a silver ring, necklace, watch, or bracelet, silver accessories denote your masculinity and strength and serve as an excellent symbol of a man’s status, sense, taste, personality, and well-being. It’s little wonder that they’re incredibly popular and have morphed into a staple in men’s fashion wardrobe.

If you’re now enticed to wear silver, you’re on the right track, as silver also boasts other features you’ll adore. This lustrous metal is highly durable and can last you a lifetime if properly cared for. With the fast-paced fashion trends, you can expect that silver is always guaranteed to be in, despite the changes in design and styles.

As silver is relatively soft, it’s pretty easier to experiment with or mold for jewelers. Thus, providing you with endless options and newer variations every time around. Not to mention that silver is also extremely versatile, making it appropriate for any occasion. Be it a casual dinner with your friend, your first vacation with your partner, or a business meeting, a silver accessory can add that classy touch to your overall look.

Though silver can also go well with various outfits, note that silver stands out better with certain clothing. So, read on below as we’ve listed the best men’s clothing that goes well will silver and end up with the right pieces and looking your best.

Minimalist Clothing

When wearing silver, it’s always best to opt for simpler patterns. Aiming for minimalist styles when choosing your clothes ensures that nothing can divert the eye from the innate beauty of your silver accessories. Wearing textured, busy, or printed patterns will result in many visuals clashing. Thus, taking away the spotlight on your silver jewelry as your outfit’s main statement piece. 

Black and White Outfit

Black and white are the top colors to wear with silver. The black color provides a beautiful contrast, giving the silver accessory a perfect backdrop to shine through. You can wear a black top and pair it with a single sterling necklace. It will look hip by shimmering against the darkness of the cloth. If you want to add other pieces of silver jewelry, go ahead and expect to see the amazing result.

Meanwhile, white clothing also goes fantastic with silver as the latter reflects and illuminates the former. Just stick with pure white rather than creamy or ivory shades, or else your silver accessories will appear warm and yellowish due to absorbing the tones. Wear pure white, and they’ll be gleaming and exuding that classy and tasteful look. 

A man with a black outfit and silver jewelry

It’s also great to don larger silver statement pieces, as they can add the strong, wow factor to any basic, bland white outfit. If you’d like to combine black and white, you can definitely do so. A monochrome outfit like a black top paired with white shorts will look great with the added sheen from the silver jewelry.

If you want to show off, a button-down or low-cut v-neck shirt with a silver necklace will make you look handsome and turn heads as you stroll. On the other hand, wearing silver cufflinks on a black or white suit for more formal occasions will give your overall outfit a more elegant finish.

Leather Clothes

Aiming for an edgy look instead? Leather clothing is your best bet. Whether is black or tan leather, silver necklaces or rings look great with leather, helping you achieve that style. However, veer away from leather pieces with lots of studs or have exposed zippers. Like any busy patterns in clothing, they can snatch the glamor from your silver accessories. A simple leather vest or jacket over a t-shirt or tank top are the best choices that make your silver pieces glimmer through.

A silver watch with leather straps and a ring

Clothing with Cool Undertones

While black and white are the best colors that compliment silver, there’s no reason for you to be restricted by them. It’s generally accepted that silver jewelry also looks cool with cool undertones like blues and green.

Blues symbolizes serenity, calmness, and water, while green is linked with nature, lushness, and fertility. Add silver accessories and you’ll have something shining to resemble the light of the day. During the summer or the warmer months, you can wear a blue or green polo, tank top, or shirt. Wear a silver necklace and you’ll have that refreshing beach vibes, while having fun under the sun.

Other tones that fall between pastel and bright also go great with silver. Steer away from pastel colors like light blue and greens, as well as pasty pinks, and lilac. Silver jewelry does not work with them as your pieces will appear washed out or lose their visibility.

Bright colors like luminous greens and blues are also a big no-no. They will simply eat up all the sheen of the silver and put it into oblivion. Aim for tones that fall amidst the two like sky blue and lime green and expect your outfit to look striking with silver.

Apparel in Bold Colors

Lastly, like black, bold colors, such as dark navy, royal blue, bordeaux/burgundy, and warm purple, wears beautifully with silver accessories. These deep, luscious colors serves as an elegant scrim that highlights the sparkle that silver brings. So, make sure that you have clothing in your wardrobe under these colors to give your silver rich backgrounds to dazzle against. For instance, a ideal outfit for an evening date is a royal blue polo with a silver necklace. Expect the person on the other side to be filled with aew throughout the night.

Final Words

While there are innumerable other pieces of clothing that goes great with silver, given its versatility, these listed outfits are the surefire way to put them into good use. However, remember that the most important thing when choosing an outfit is that you’ll feel utmost comfortable and that you are “you.” Experiment using these tips and align it with your style and personality. Soon, you’ll know how to look best with your silver jewelry.