Should you Wear Cowboy Boots with Shorts?

If you are currently looking for a rugged shoe that still looks stylish, then you should definitely get a pair of cowboy boots. The cowboy boots are a type of high-top footwear that primarily has a leather upper than a high heel that is traditionally made from multiple stacks of leather, although there are less expensive variants that have a rubber high heel and outsole.

The most popular style of cowboy boots today is the classic or western boots, which have a pointed toe and an angled heel. These cowboy boots are typically worn by men, although in today’s era, even women wear them as a fashion piece. Cowboy boots are worn by men for horseback riding or for farming, but there are already a lot of people that wear the boots simply for fashion.

Whether you wear them on the farm or for fashion, the cowboy boots are incredibly reliable because of their durability and rigidity. There are only a few clothing pieces that you can pair well with cowboy boots, and a lot of pieces are not really suitable for the said footwear. A lot of people are wondering if shorts are one of those clothing pieces that are not suitable for cowboy boots, and for this article, we will find out if shorts and cowboy boots are a perfect match. Here is information that you need to know about cowboy boots and their suitability for shorts.

Can You Wear Shorts with Cowboy Boots?

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Cowboy boots are not really versatile when it comes to styling for men, as there aren’t really a lot of clothing pieces that can match well with the high-top and stylized appearance of the boots. So, if you are wondering if shorts can be worn with boots, the short answer is no, as the cowboys are too high and may look awkward on your feet when you are wearing shorts.

For women, wearing shorts and cowboy boots may look more appealing, as they will be able to flaunt their legs, especially if they are long and flawless. But for men, the combination will just look awkward. Of course, you are free to wear anything you want, but in terms of fashion trends, cowboy boots and shorts don’t follow the trend very well. For a “safer” and “trendier” outfit, you shouldn’t try pairing cowboy boots and shorts.

What Can You Wear with Cowboy Boots?

For men, the best clothing piece to wear with cowboy boots is a pair of jeans. It doesn’t matter what shade of jeans you want to wear, although some stylists recommend that you wear jeans with a darker shade of blue.

There are different types of jeans that you can wear with cowboy boots, but the best ones that match well with the footwear are regular and straight-leg jeans, which are not too slim but not too wide for your legs. If you wear slim-fit jeans, the cowboy boot may just look larger than normal, and if you wear wide-fit jeans, the top of the cowboy boots cannot be shown anymore since they will be hidden beneath the lower part of the jeans.

As for the top clothing piece, you are free to wear whatever you want, but the most suitable tops are t-shirts or flannel shirts that are not too loose but not too tight on the torso. If you want it to be simple, a nice t-shirt is enough for your outfit, but if you want a full ranch wear appearance, you can go for a flannel shirt or a long-sleeved shirt with a solid color. For colder weather or temperatures, you can also wear a denim jacket, which can have the same or different shade of the pair of jeans you are wearing.

How to Wear Cowboy Boots with Jeans


Wearing cowboy boots with jeans can be quite complicated, as there are many aspects of the jeans and the boots that you need to focus on in order for them to match together well. The jeans you will be wearing with the boost should have a proper length that will protect your legs, although they shouldn’t be too long since they may look bunched up.

If the jeans are too long, their lower section can have too much excess and can just get pushed up by the cowboy boots, which would then produce an awkward and bunched-up appearance. If it doesn’t get pushed up by the boots, the jeans would just drag in the back and will look awkward too. So, you need to have a pair of jeans that just has the right length for cowboy boots.

For a better fit, you can bring your pair of jeans and your cowboy boots to a good tailor so that he or she can get a custom fit for your jeans. But, if you think that getting your jeans tailored is expensive, you can just buy a type of jeans called boot-cut jeans, which are specifically made to be worn with high-top boots. The boot-cut jeans have flared legs so that the boots will fit perfectly beneath the jeans.

As for the color or shade of the jeans, we have mentioned previously that you should wear a darker shade of jeans with cowboy boots, although you are free to wear whatever shade or color of jeans you want. But, for a more traditional look, a darker shade of blue is highly recommended. Besides dark blue, you can also wear charcoal wash, which is a darker shade of gray, as this will look better with black or red cowboy boots. For a more sophisticated look, you can go for black jeans that will allow your cowboy boots to shine more or get prominence on your outfit.

And there you go, the details you need to learn about cowboy boots, particularly in terms of their suitability for shorts and how they can be worn with a pair of jeans. Look for the best pair of jeans that will pair well with the cowboy boots you own so that you can elevate your style.