How to Fuse Cowboy Fashion in a Man’s Clothing

As soon as we hear of cowboy fashion, by default, the image of Indiana Jones flashes in some of our minds. That particular hat was his style statement and even he was seen to risk his life to retain it. While a cowboy hat’s main purpose is to guard the ranchers against harsh sunlight and other factors without being blown away by the wind, but now we often witness celebrities wearing it and flaunting the style impeccably well. Now when we try to incorporate the style or imitate our favorite star, we sometimes overdo ourselves. Trying to create that macho look is not always easy. But it’s not rocket science too. Only you need to keep in mind certain things while infusing western wear into your wardrobe.

Choose only one western-inspired piece of clothing at a time

When it comes to western wear, we mean to refer to attire comprising of the cowboy hat, buckled belt, jackets, and western boots. Sometimes all of these together give a cluttered appearance. Your attire may hint that too much is going on at the same time. So, if you are thinking of wearing cowboy fashion, then go for one western-inspired piece of clothing at a time. A safe choice will be to choose a button-down shirt. You can keep the focus on the silver-buckled belt or just pull on a suede fringed jacket. In this way, you will be able to show off a well-balanced sense of style without becoming a walking-talking character straight out of a movie set.

A man is known by the choice of his shoes

As the saying goes, we tend to judge men by the choice of their footwear because it reflects the nature of the person. Don’t know how far it is true, but at least we can say that the collection of types of western footwear is huge for you to experiment with. Cowboy boots can be decorated with intricate details by focusing on the design of the buckle or by giving a textured appearance to the leather used for making the boot. It solely depends on you as to what style you would pick. Just a suggestion – instead of opting for a calf-length traditional cowboy boot, you can give the rancher’s boot a try or even consider wearing the ankle boot. So, choosing the right pair will surely boost your appearance and it can become an easy way of infusing western fashion into your closet.

Styling with cowboy hats

If you are a hat lover and are determined to style your attire with a cowboy hat, then there’s a myriad of options of western hat styles for you to choose from. They come in various sizes too. But be careful while choosing one for you because what might seem great on another person may look silly on you because the shape of a man’s face matters for a hat to look good on you. If you are not sure which one will look good on you, ask for the guidance of the person who will be attending you at the time of the purchase. Their experience will help you find the perfect one.

Hat Styles to Try

Popular cowboy hat styles that are in vogue now are the brick, cattleman, Tom mix, gambler, open crown, pinch front, and the fedora. There are other types also but these styles are the most loved. You usually get a modern cowboy hat made out of straw, wool, leather, or felt. And if you are not a hat person, then you can surely gain assurance to give it a try by glancing through this.

Look for classy vests

Including vests can also make your clothes interesting as cowboy vests can be teamed with many of the shirts you might be already possessing. It will give you a sophisticated look.  Leather, canvas, and wool are generally used to make these vests.

Experiment with materials and textures

The common materials used for making western wears are leather, cotton, wool, suede, and denim. To give your closet a cowboy lift, you can mix and match these materials to come up with your desired look. But just keep in mind; don’t end up making the look too obvious.

Try different accessories

When it comes to choosing a western accessory, you won’t believe what all you can include in your ensemble cowboy style. Designer buckles, bolo ties, gloves, wallets, scarves, belts, and men’s jewelry, the list continues. Try them to bring out the cowboy feeling.

What not to do

You might be wondering that why we missed out on some of the typical western accessories like studs and bandanas. Well, that was intentional because we think that they suit a real-life rancher the best. But if you think you have the right attitude and you can quite easily carry them well and do true justice, then who’s there to stop you, right?


To gain the aspired look, you will have to keep on experimenting with different styles. In time you will be able to perfectly synchronize cowboy fashion with your daily wardrobe.