What Are The Different Sun Protection Accessories You Can Wear?

Staying under direct sunlight for an extended period is never good for your skin. However, if you wear sun protection gear, your skin will be less likely to get affected by the sunlight. The SPams Australia UPF 50+ sleeves, shoulder wraps, and base shirts offer high-end sun protection and give you a second-skin feel. 

Australia is one of the smaller continents and is spread across 7,617,930 square kilometres. In summer months, due to the Earth’s orbit, Australia will be near the sun, which means there will be a 7% increase in solar UV intensity. Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. Nearly 2,000 deaths are because of skin cancer in Australia. 

Different Types Of Sun Protection Accessories You Can Wear 

Check out the primary accessories that help you stay cool and safe from sunlight and harmful UV rays. 

Sun Protection Sleeves

You can easily cover your arms and legs with sun protection arm and leg sleeves. Sleeves made from lightweight materials that do not restrict your mobility are the best. Make sure to buy sleeves that offer exceptional coverage against 98% to 99% of UV rays and sunlight. It is a decent idea to wear sun protection arm sleeves under your shirt and shorts as a lightweight and quick solution to safeguard your forearms and legs from the sun. 

Sun Protection Base Layer Shirt 

Sun protective base layer shirts produced using UPF 50+ tightly woven materials will lessen the gap between the textile strands. Thus, the total sunlight that passes through your skin will be reduced. You can wear the base layer shirt under a regular shirt, which wipes sweat from your body.

Sun Protection Gloves 

You can wear sun protection gloves to protect your fingers and palm from harmful sunlight. Depending on your requirements, you can acquire complete finger protection or palmless gloves. 

Shoulder Wrap

If you wish to get sun protection for your shoulder and full arms, it is best to acquire shoulder wraps. Make sure to invest in sun protection shoulder wraps made from lightweight, breathable, high-quality, and UPF 50+ materials. The high-end shoulder wraps will stick to your skin, do not restrict your movement, and do not cause any itching. 

Reusable Face Masks

The reusable face masks made using polyester and polyurethane substances are breathable and offer decent sun protection. Make sure to get SPams Australia UPF 50+ masks that offer cooling features. Australia is the sixth largest global country, with a population of 25,801,000.

In Australia, UV radiation is very severe, and people can get sunburned within fifteen minutes or less. In Australia, the median temperatures have been rising about 1 degree Celsius since 1960. Due to the heavy sunlight and harmful UV rays, about 14,48 new cases of skin cancer were diagnosed in Australia in 2016 alone. 

UV Face Shield

The UV face shield or the neck gaiter offers superior sun protection for your neck and face. Almost all the neck gaiter models feature an ear cut-out design that provides a convenient fit, so you would not have to be concerned about the shield coming down.

SPF 30 Sunscreen

About 20 minutes before going out, put sunscreen on your skin and pat it dry. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your neck, head, arms, face, legs, shoulders, and other exposed areas. Applying sunscreen once in about two hours is best if you sweat a lot.


A key component of your sun protection accessories should be sunglasses. Choose sunglasses with UV-protective lenses for the best protection. Even lenses that seem black may not provide such protection, so read the label carefully before buying them. Also, sunglasses with a broad frame or a wraparound design provide better sun protection than aviators.


Protecting yourself from harmful sunlight and UV rays is essential to avoid skin-related health risks like cancer. Wear UPF 50+ clothing, including arm and leg sleeves, shoulder wraps, gloves, and masks, and pair them with sunscreen and sunglasses.