The Different Types of Courier Services

With numerous types of courier services out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. In many instances, the choice of a courier is dependent on the delivery deadlines required, for example, overnight services. On the other hand, the type of item being carried also plays a role, such as the requirement for refrigeration. Hazardous content needs a different type of courier from perishables. In this article, we will look at the different options available.

Standard Shipping Couriers

Standard shipping couriers are fine if you have a non-perishable product that your customers will be prepared to wait between two to five days for. This is usually the case for online businesses. Items will be transported by trucks.

This same service provider also generally offers special services at a higher cost. For example, if you need a parcel shipped overnight or the next day, you will use these types of services. The fleet owner can manage the turnaround time by getting their truck drivers to drive through the night. This may involve a change of drivers to make sure it does not exceed the maximum allowable hours for truck drivers to drive without a break.

Same-day couriers take roughly six hours to deliver a parcel. This service would be confined to a restricted area, such as within the same town. On-demand or rush courier services will deliver even quicker than a same-day courier, usually within four hours. They will collect and deliver at any time of day to meet their commitment.

On-Board Couriers

This unusual type of courier experienced a drop in business after the increased airport security following 9/11. However, they are worth seeking out if you want added security for your parcel. It will be in the courier’s possession from collection to delivery, and not on the back of a truck. The courier takes a flight from the city of collection to the city where the parcel must be delivered. This type of courier is used in a similar manner to on-demand or rush courier services. The latter is for short distances, while on-board couriers will travel further and still deliver within a reasonable time, even if it is not four hours.

International Couriers

If you want to ship a private parcel overseas via the postal service, it can only do deliveries to the receiving country’s customs. The latter must then deliver the package to its end destination using its own postal delivery service. This leaves you with no control over delivery times. It is best to use an international courier and explore their options. They will need to operate in the collection and destination countries as part of their own business. So, you will have to find out if they do deliveries from the USA to Italy, for example.

Medical Courier Services

Medical courier services are used by pathology laboratories, pharmaceutical research labs, research institutions, contract research organizations, medical device rental companies, and specialty pharmaceutical retailers. Companies like have been licensed specially to transport medical materials. They are medical couriers whose employees have undergone the necessary training to handle all types of lab specimens, medical devices, organs for transplant, etc. They will have vehicles which have been equipped for this purpose.

Hazardous Materials

If your company works with volatile chemicals or other hazardous materials, you will need a courier who is licensed to transport your goods. This may involve the safe disposal of toxic waste. Liquid nitrogen is frequently transported as it has a lot of business uses.

It is important to choose the right courier depending on your needs, and the above are just a few examples of your options.