Serhiy Tokarev About New Horizons of Education: Scholarship Grant from SET University

SET University, a prestigious educational institution specializing in technology in Ukraine, announces the launch of a grant program for students of its master’s programs in technical fields. This important step was announced on Facebook by Serhiy Tokarev, well-known in the field of IT investments and business, a co-founder of the university. According to Tokarev, the creation of the SET Grants initiative is aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for obtaining quality technological education for everyone.

“Citizens of Ukraine will have the chance to apply for grants covering up to 100 percent of the cost of training in master’s programs in cybersecurity, innovative engineering, data analysis, machine learning, and cloud technologies,” emphasized Serhiy Tokarev.

Among the groups of individuals eligible for this scholarship support will be:

  • outstanding information technology professionals;
  • applicants with high scores in entrance exams;
  • military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard, as well as their families;
  • women from Ukraine seeking career growth in the field of information technology.

SET University is proud to announce the launch of its new scholarship program designed to identify the most talented candidates based on the results of the Common Entrance Examination and the Common Professional Entrance Examination, as well as analysis of applicants’ previous experience and motivation letters, as well as interview results.

Serhiy Tokarev, together with Irina Volnitskaya, President of SET University, emphasizes that the main goal of this scholarship program is to highlight the most promising candidates who are ready to make a significant contribution to the development of the technological field. This is not just an act of charity, it is the equivalent of investing in the world of IT startups and technological innovation. Essentially, this is an investment in the future of technology leaders so that they can successfully realize their potential in this field.

The link to apply for the scholarship is already available on the official website of the university. The application deadline is June 28, 2024.

Serhiy Tokarev emphasizes that the key criteria for admission to SET University are the desire for personal development and the manifestation of interest and willingness to actively implement innovations in the field of information technology.

All four master’s programs at the university — “Cyber Defense”, “Innovative Engineering”, “Data Engineering”, and “Machine Learning and Cloud Technologies” — are designed with an emphasis on a comprehensive study of both theoretical foundations and practical skills. During the training, students will master advanced solutions in technology, information security management, artificial intelligence, cyber defense, creating integrated infrastructure systems, cloud computing, machine learning, and much more.

SET University offers students not only extensive study of technical disciplines but also introduces courses in management and key aspects of creating technological products into the curriculum.

SET University is a Ukrainian non-profit educational institution created with the support of Serhiy Tokarev, co-founder and partner of Roosh Investment Group, and the Kyiv School of Economics. It provides quality education for future technology leaders. SET University combines a modern approach to education with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship. Since the outbreak of the Great War, the SET team has been focusing on making relevant IT education accessible to all Ukrainians, as well as supporting startups and developing the technology sector.