6 Steps To Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen may seem like a daunting task, but you can accomplish it with a proper plan. You don’t need to spend so much to have the kitchen of your dreams. You can put ideas together from what you see in magazines and by canvasing fixtures at hardware stores. Basing your wants and needs on your current lifestyle is also how you can achieve a kitchen that matches your personality. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about Dan’s Plumbing.

To get started, here are the ways to rebuilding your kitchen:

1. Finalize The Design With Contractors

If you’ve never worked on designing and building, you can call for professional contractors to help you with the scope of work. They’ll help you stay on budget and keep the project on schedule. Experienced contractors know all the processes and legalities that come with building and remodeling projects. They know what building codes to follow and permits to comply with.

Sitting down with contractors is a great idea in order to express what you want and need for your kitchen. Let them know how you want it to look. The best contractors are the ones who’ll design the available space realistically, depending on the budget, and create necessary allowances.

2. Clear Out The Kitchen

Get a clear picture of how much space you have and see what you can work on. Proceed to remove all fixtures from your kitchen. Gather everything that’s up for disposal, such as old refrigerators, washing machines, and other white goods.

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Whatever you do, you must have assistance to hold up cabinets, doorways, windows, and other fixtures as you remove them. You don’t want rubbish all over the place as they may cause accidents.

Before working, shut off the electricity and remove appliances to avoid getting electrocuted. Ensure to cover live wires. If you still plan to reuse some of the old room features, carefully place them outside where they can’t be bothersome. Use a crowbar to remove paneling on walls and arm yourself with a putty knife if you need to remove nails off. If you want to open up space, use a sledgehammer to open up a wall, but be careful not to hit the studs.

3. Update Electrical And Plumbing System


If you have a house that’s decades old, you might want to call in professional electrical and plumbing services to check your systems for you. Outdated wiring will eventually start a fire, and old plumbing may cause blockages later on. Replacements of old wires and piping may take up to five days to complete. Don’t rush their work as these professionals are licensed to work on your needs carefully. It’s also a way for you to identify potential hazards that may cost you even more later on.

4. Renew Walls And Flooring

Bring back new life to kitchen walls with a new paneling or a fresh coat of paint. Your contractors will handle the paneling work if you have no experience in painting the kitchen. Once finished, they’ll add the color next to unify the look of the kitchen. The walls may need some extensive cleaning first so that the paint can be applied smoothly.

Prep work will include dressing the room with old newspapers on areas you need to protect from dripping. Use a roller to apply the paint before adding the cabinets back. On fixtures such as door and window trims, a brush is better for reaching tight corners.

5. Place The Countertops

Countertops will come next, and the scope of this part of the project will depend on what type of countertop you want. Again, if you have no experience placing countertops, the professionals will handle the process, from making accurate measurements, to using equipment to cut and build up, to the installation. If you’ve bought premade countertops, it would be faster and easier work for your contractors.

6. Appliances And Flooring

Add the new appliances if they’re the built-in type. These could be the wall oven, refrigerator, stove, and others. Once all the appliances are installed, the final task would be the flooring. Different contractors would go about this part of the project differently. Some would instead install the tiles or wood first rather than hold back as the last of the tasks.

There are different types of flooring, but what you’ll choose must be appropriate to the color of the walls. Your contractor may have given you suggestions on what would look best to complete the look of your kitchen.

In Conclusion

Starting a remodeling project of any kind requires the proper steps with professionals to make it successful. While it won’t be easy, it’s always worth it, especially when you finally get what you want. A kitchen can also be your personal space, and it can reflect your desires, as well as your patience and hard work. Planning any home renovation is a complicated process, but with the help of experienced Utah commercial contractors, it can be accomplished on time and within budget.