A Guide to Choosing Your First Planter

The current global pandemic has left many people with a lot of extra time on their hands staying at home. This lifestyle change has resulted in newly discovered hobbies that one would never have imagined they would even try. One of the trending pandemic hobbies that many people of all ages enjoy doing is planting. Planting offers a lot of benefits and is said to be good for both the body and mind.

When you decide to try your hand on planting, it is recommended you start little by little. A good choice is small plants. Not only are these easy to take care of, but also visually pleasing for any space. When choosing your desired plant, it’s also essential to know the benefits and factors to consider when selecting planters.

Easy to Move

Once you decide what plant to place inside the planter, you can quickly move the plants around wherever you like. At some point, harsh weather can cause the plants to die, so make sure to move it to a safer location. Using planters is great for seasonal plants. The planter’s design can also help avoid weeds and pests that are out to destroy your plant. And after a while, when your plant grows larger, it’s easy to transfer it to a new and bigger planter.

Achieve an Appealing Landscape

For people that want plant holders to brighten up their place, planters come in various colours. When choosing a colour, a helpful guide is to follow the colour palette. Various colours may not go together, so the best option is to make the planter colour fit its surrounding colours.

The material of the planter can match a specific theme as well. Going for a more classic look? People can purchase a hanging planter and hang it by the window. And for a modern theme, they can choose a self-watering planter. Most planters are customisable and come in various shapes and sizes, so looking for the perfect planter won’t be impossible anymore.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Planter

When purchasing planters, there are several questions you need to ask yourself to ensure that you buy the best planter for you.

  • What is the size of the plant? 

In some instances, people would purchase a plant that’s already fully grown. But there are still people that prefer to grow one from scratch. A small planter is not recommended if the plant will grow large after a few weeks or months. Understand the plant first before to ensure you use the planters for a long time.

  • Does the planter need drainage? 

For new plant owners, drainage is usually recommended. Plants need water to survive, but watering too much can cause them to drown. Pots and planters need to have proper drainage to lessen the chances of a root rot caused by overwatering and damp soil.

  • Where will the planter be placed? 

There are different places where people can place planters. Some prefer to put it on their office desk, by the window sill, or leave it hanging. The area will also depend if there’s enough space for the planter. For tables and window sills, choose smaller sized plants. For hanging planters, a medium-size will be suitable.

A beginner will always have a few hiccups when choosing their first planter. Hopefully, this guide can assist them in choosing the right one and prevent future issues.

Author:  Alison Lurie