Tips for Men to Prepare for Gynecomastia Surgery

Surgeons perform gynecomastia surgery on men to reduce excess fat, skin, and tissue from their breasts. It is common in newborn boys to have enlarged breasts because of the effect of the mother’s estrogen. Similarly, when puberty hits the boys, the hormonal changes can increase breast size.

Interestingly, you can find it in males aged 50-80 years. Doctors suggest that gynecomastia can cure itself within 6 to 36 months in adults without medication. Although 70% of males experience this condition, not everyone is eligible for the surgery. This article discusses the eligibility and tips for men to prepare for breast mammaplasty.

Why do men consider breast mammaplasty?

Hormonal changes, diet, internal diseases, etc., can cause breasts to enlarge in men. Typically boys will experience a difference in their chest size during adolescence. In most cases, the breast size naturally reduces as the hormones settle. But in some cases, men are left to deal with sagging breasts which embarrasses them. So, men tend to go towards gynecomastia surgery.

Patients who opted for male breast reduction surgery by Dr. Brian Shafa suggested that it is vital to consult the doctor before finalizing it. The doctors will run medical tests to rule out any medical condition that will hamper the surgery. Generally, men go for breast mammaplasty because they feel that an enlarged chest is more problematic than the healing process.

Tips to Prepare for the Surgery

When you decide on gynecomastia surgery as your approach to regain your confidence and build your aesthetics, the next step is to prepare for the surgery. Here are some tips:

Discuss your expectations from the procedure with your surgeon

Your doctor is no magician; therefore, he will not know your expectations unless you discuss them. Apart from reducing the breast size, other concerns can be removing excess skin, nipple repositioning, etc. In addition, you should consult the various ways that the doctor will use to remove the excess fat and skin from your chest

Pick the right plastic surgeon.

One of the essential tips in preparing for the surgery is to choose the right surgeon. The success of any surgery depends on who performs the procedure and how experienced he is. It would help if you scrutinized for a board-certified surgeon who can provide testimonies and photographs before and after the surgeries. In addition, consider a surgical expert in male breast reduction abscission.

Understand that you will need time to recover

You should plan your days and apply for leaves in your office. You will need a couple of days before starting going to work. The doctors suggest that you need help to go back home after the surgery, move around inside your house for the first 48 hours, etc. Therefore, the best way is to ask your friends and family for help during the healing period. Understand that healing well is vital to prevent post-surgery difficulties.

Wrapping Up

Men who pick breast mammaplasty need to prepare for the surgery well in advance. It would be best if you also constructed specific lifestyle changes other than selecting the best surgeon and having people around to help you. After your surgery, you should not take hormonal pills and lessen your alcohol consumption.