The Top 5 DIY Dog Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

Bringing your pup to a professional groomer allows you to experience several benefits that are sure to motivate you to turn it into a habit.

For one, professional groomers are trained, and therefore, are excellent at handling dogs. Additionally, they have the right tools, supplies and space for grooming pups. These elements ensure that your pet is clean and looks his best after each appointment.

Moreover, pet groomers are not afraid to take on all the dirty work. If your pup played in the mud or has not taken a bath in more than a couple of months, a professional won’t be afraid to give your dog a thorough cleaning.

However, there are instances wherein you have to groom your dog on your own. This can be because your groomer is not available or you don’t have the time to go out.

If you want to bond with your pet, grooming is also a great way to do so. It allows you to get up close and personal with your pup as you shampoo, brush, and massage him. This activity also helps make your dog trust and feel comfortable with you.

Grooming Your Pet the Right Way

Whether you want to start grooming your dog on your own or do it during emergency situations, having the right pet grooming items can help you go about the various processes correctly.

To wash your pet’s fur properly, you have to use a dog shampoo. A comb or brush that works well for your pet’s fur will also serve you greatly since combing or brushing him daily, and before and after his bath, will remove the dirt from his coat and prevent hair from getting tangled. This will help keep your pup tidy and good-looking.

If you want to trim your pet’s hair and nails safely and correctly, you also need to have grooming clippers and shears and nail clippers.

With these supplies at hand, you can have a well-groomed pet at all times.

You can also groom your dog properly and avoid difficulties during the process when you avoid these common DIY grooming mistakes:

1. Not being prepared for the grooming session

Having all the essentials at hand can help you reduce the time you need to put into grooming your dog. However, this is only one of the key steps involved that can make the process less time-consuming and stressful.

If you don’t prepare well for a bathing and grooming session, you and your pup will experience plenty of unpleasant surprises.

If your pet is quite frisky, take him for a walk or play catch with him for 20 minutes or so. This allows him to release energy, which means he will be less excitable during his bath.

Additionally, brush your pup before giving him a bath to remove loose fur. Also, trim his nails to prevent him from slipping on the wet surface and scratching you.

If your pup does not want to stay in the tub too long, put some treats in it. Make sure you still have plenty of his favourite edible rewards by ordering them from your pet food delivery service provider in Dubai.

Lastly, put all the grooming products inside or near the area where you will bathe and groom your pet. This will prevent you from leaving your pup unsupervised, which can encourage him to run away while you get the shampoo or towel.

2. Using too much dog shampoo

Although shampoos ensure your dog smells good, using too much can strip the healthy oil from your pup’s skin. This, in turn, can cause their skin and coat to become dry.

To prevent your pet’s skin and hair from drying out, start with a dab of shampoo the size of a small coin and apply more only when necessary.

Over-shampooing your pet can also happen if you give him a bath too often.

Most breeds only need a bath once a month. However, consult your vet if you have a fluffy dog since he may need more frequent bathing.

Lastly, rinse your pet thoroughly after shampooing since the residue can cause irritation and flaking skin.

3. Brushing your dog’s wet coat

Brushing or combing wet fur is a common dog grooming mistake you have to avoid.

When you brush or comb your pet immediately after taking a bath or swimming, it can cause his hair to clump together. This, in turn, can make tangles and mats even worse.

You will then end up pulling your pet’s hair and skin whenever you comb or brush him.

After giving your dog a bath or taking him for a swim, dry him thoroughly with a towel. You can also use a hairdryer, but be careful. Choose the lowest setting and keep the nozzle a couple of inches away from your pet’s fur. Also, avoid concentrating the heat in one spot on your pup; keep moving the dryer as you dry him.

4. Failing to be thorough

Brushing only your dog’s back is another mistake many first-time DIY groomers make. Although doing this is important, don’t forget to groom his other parts, too.

Fleas and ticks tend to gather on the fur around a dog’s stomach, armpits, tail, ears, neck, and face. Because of this, you have to check and brush these areas regularly.

When cleaning your dog’s face, use a soft, clean, slightly wet washcloth or sponge. Be gentle when washing this part since this is a sensitive area for them.

Also, don’t forget to brush your pet’s rear and tail since these parts can easily get mats and tangles. Make sure to do this after your dog has rolled in mud or a puddle.

5. Forgetting to clean your pet’s eyes and ears

Lastly, your dog’s eyes and ears are crucial parts of his body. To ensure your pet sees and hears clearly, you have to clean these areas frequently, too.

When washing your dog’s face, use the water-moistened washcloth or sponge to gently wipe the area around each eye and loosen and remove dirt around it. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing the eye itself.

You can also use slightly wet cotton balls to wipe away the dirt from your pet’s eyes and ears. Do not use cotton swabs since they can damage these sensitive parts.

Since your dog’s eyes and ears are sensitive, make sure you protect these areas when giving him a bath. Cover them with a soft towel or your hands to prevent water from entering these areas, which can cause pain and infections in your pup.

If your dog needs serious grooming, don’t hesitate to bring him to a professional groomer. Although you can take the DIY route, you can avoid plenty of mess and ensure your pup is thoroughly clean when you let a pro handle this activity.

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