The Significance of Water Treatment

There will come a moment when you might notice the water from the faucet looking cloudy or discoloured. Many factors can lead to the water getting contaminated, such as rusted pipes, gas leaks, sewage waste, pathogens, or even through an unregulated well. One must ensure their water system is treated efficiently to prevent water contamination.

Fortunately, residential and commercial property owners can contact companies like Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment to get their water system treated. Nowadays, a faucet water filter cannot do the job as efficiently as a water treatment system. Tiny, harmful bacteria can still pass through the filter because there’s no process involved in the filtration process.

Quality, Better Tasting Water

Nobody wants bad-tasting drinking water, and that is why water treatment is the key to avoiding this issue. Bacteria, chlorine, and heavy metals are some of the main causes of this unpleasant taste in the water. People tend to immediately assume that faucet water is clean and safe to ingest. By contacting water treatment companies like Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment, you can assure safe drinking water free from bacteria and harmful contaminants.

Eliminate Bad Smelling Water

Aside from having a good taste, clean water needs to have no iffy smell. Pesticides, chlorine, and some heavy metals as well, are still some of the main causes for making the water smell foul. There are also instances where metals like iron, copper, or zinc can mix with groundwater and eventually lead to water smelling like metal to emanate from the faucets. Chlorine is another chemical that gives tap water a strong, chemical-ish smell since it’s added to most water supplied by the district to prevent harmful bacteria and contaminants.

Other bad-smelling contaminants are VOCs, also known as volatile organic compounds. Examples of these VOCs are ethylene and formaldehyde. They give off a distinct, unpleasant odour, and studies have shown that VOCs can cause complications, including kidney damage and liver irritation. It’s critical to put money into a water treatment system, especially for homes, because people with weak immune systems are more susceptible to these complications.

Removal of Harmful Contaminants

With the right water treatment system, several contaminants can be eliminated to prevent life-threatening health conditions.

  • Nitrates – They are formed when oxygen and nitrogen combine. High concentrations of water with nitrate can be hazardous for people, especially for pregnant women and babies. Industrial waste runoff and improper waste disposal are the leading causes of high nitrate levels in groundwater. Homes that use water from the well are highly advised to install a water treatment system as soon as they can to ensure safe drinking water.

  • Arsenic – Commonly found in fertilizers and used as a poison, this chemical can mix with groundwater during agricultural and industrial activities. This contaminant is particularly toxic to people who ingest or inhale high levels of it. The only method to remove arsenic from water is through adsorptive media, anion exchange, osmosis, or distillation.

  • Pesticides – For properties near farmlands or agricultural areas, pesticide runoff may occur and can contaminate groundwater. Experts recommend activated carbon filtration to remove pesticides and prevent illnesses.

When it comes to water treatment, the best way to ensure safety is by contacting dependable and professional companies to install a suitable water treatment system. Put an end to your concerns by having a reliable water treatment system in your property.

Author:  Alison Lurie