The Most Extreme Adventures Perfect in the US for Adrenaline Junkies

Why live a regular life when you can experience high-octane adventures. This philosophy rings true to many adrenaline fiends. Fortunately, the USA boasts of several opportunities to get an adrenaline pump and live life on the edge- or off the edges in activities like skydiving and bungee jumping. If your idea of a good time is enjoying the thrill of an extreme adventure, book a ride on the shuttle from St George Utah to Las Vegas, cause. Here are the best adventures to try in the US:

Zero gravity

You do not need to shelve away your dreams of being an astronaut. You can get a gist of what it feels like to be in space at zero gravity. You will get to experience the weightlessness that mirrors that of space. The Four Base airports in Cape Canaveral are the closest you can get to a realistic simulation of a commercial space flight. The thrilling feeling of zero gravity is amplified with the various acrobatic maneuvers that the trained pilots perform. Every maneuver makes you feel a pull of 1.8Gs. The plane tips forward, and everything feels weightless. Multiple repetitions of the whole process make for an extraordinary experience that ought to be on everyone’s bucket list. You cannot recreate the experience anywhere even if you tried- except for space of course!

Ice roller-coaster

Visit Utah for the chance to hurdle down a bobsled course. The experience is one for the books. You will feel like you are on the ultimate roller coaster on ice. The comet bobsled can hold up to three people. A professional pilot then moves the Olympic sliding track at a high speed, generating almost five times the force of gravity. Even more enthralling is that you will be using the same track that Olympic athletes train for years.


This experience is not for the faint of heart. Free-falling into the Grand Canyon on a swing calls for a great deal of courage. The Utah swing is among the most extreme rope swings in the world. Free-falling from 400 feet towards the ground is no easy feat. You could also go the extra mile by swinging between slots in the canyon. The thrilling pendulum swing will at Corona Arch, without a doubt, pump some adrenaline into your system.

Base Jumping

Base jumping is the perfect amalgam between cliff jumping and skydiving. It will for sure test the limits of your inner courage. The fact that you are launching yourself from a lower altitude means less time to deploy your parachute and even more of the adrenaline rush. Visit the Perrin bridge in Idaho to enjoy the sport and check it off your bucket list. The good thing is that they do not require a permit.

Sky jumps in Las Vegas

There is no better way to let yourself go than sky jumping. Enjoy the Stratosphere jump in Las Vegas. Take a leap of faith into the air from the highest observation tower in the world. The exhilaration and anticipation from sky jumping are hard to match. No wonder many people travel to Las Vegas for the opportunity to have an experience of their life.

Chicago thrill ride

The John Hancock Center in Chicago at 1000 feet up is one place that offers a chance to test your confidence with heights. You will get the opportunity to soak in a 360-degree view of Lake Michigan and the city skyline. The experience is breath-taking if anything. The observation deck also hosts Chicago’s highest thrill ride. You can bundle yourself into an enclosed moving platform that tilts you over Michigan Avenue. Braving the 1000 ft drop is an experience you will never forget.

Desert trails

Las Vegas has lots of attractions on offer. Far from the city center is a desert with sand dunes which promise a unique thrill. The rugged desert terrain gives a different Las Vegas experience. The striking red rock landscapes and vast deserts are a joy to marvel at when you visit Nevada. Just search for UTV rentals near me to explore one of the best desert trails in the world. You will get to explore the massive desert on Polaris vehicles with no guide required! All you need is a driver’s license and a love for extreme adventure.

Axe throwing

Exciting adventures don’t have to involve being in nauseating heights. Axe throwing is an exhilarating experience that will make you feel like you had a taste of time travel. Allow your inner lumberjack to come out with axe throwing adventures in Chicago. You will appreciate how far technology has come when you taste primitive combat forms. Furthermore, you get to blow off some steam while enjoying a cocktail or a beer.


If you are itching for the thrill of a water sport, try kayaking. Kayaking may not call for the bravery of jumping off planes, but it offers an exhilarating experience nonetheless. You will explore cities from a different angle. There are several places where you can rent kayaks and paddleboards. Go for an evening kayak to enjoy traversing the waters while watching the sunset.

River tubing

River tubing at the Chicago River will help you enjoy the natural beauty. Plan for a river tubing day trip for a chance to embark on a thrilling yet relaxing expedition. You can assemble your friends and family and have the time of your lives floating down the river and taking in natural beauty.


As humans, we are often fascinated with flight. The fascination has its roots in mythology and curiosity. We are always looking to break the bonds of gravity. The ultimate challenge is usually soaring to the heights reserved for birds and angels. Paragliding feeds into this obsession. You can choose between paragliding, hand gliding, or acro-paragliding. They all use the same free-flying principle. The difference is in the glider’s weight, shape, and size. You can try paragliding at Torrey Pines, La Jolla, California.

Exotic racing

Exotic racing is another one of the exciting things to do in LA. Taking an exotic car drive on a 1.2-mile race track will get you feeling an adrenaline pump. You can choose from some of the most revered cars from Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. Few things beat the rush of experiencing the track. You can drive on your own with coaching from a racing instructor. Alternatively, you could opt for the speed drifting option, where you will ride as a passenger with a professional racing driver. Navigating the curves at high speed will get you an adrenaline kick.

Final remarks

As an adrenaline junkie, there is a lot of adventure you can try out in the US. From unguided desert trails in LA, paragliding, kayaking, and much more. Just take your pick and have some fun on the edge!