The Making Of A Man: How To Accessorise

They say clothes make a man, but it is the accessories and how you use them that separate the men from the boys. Here is a quick guide on how to choose and use the basic fashion additions that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Dress Your Money As You Dress Yourself

Your wallet will get noticed. You reach for it every time you pay for a meal, buy your shopping or pop to a cash machine. Your date or a friend or someone passing by is going to get a glimpse of your accessorising ability. Every wardrobe needs a range of wallets and card holders to suit any look or occasion.

Wallet fashion has few limits. This collection of wallets and card holders from Gucci at SSENSE gives men high quality and high fashion options, with plenty of choice in colour, pattern, and design. These can suit any look, from a formal work-related function to a casual day out in the park.

Leather and suede wallets always suit a more formal occasion, and the colour should match or compliment your shoes. For casual occasions, especially if they involve some sporting activity, then a more hardwearing card holder may be a better choice.

Always Know What Time It Is

Men have responsibilities and duties. Whether you know it or not there is a timetable in your head that tells you where to be, and when. Without a watch, you can let people down and worse still, yourself. You need to know what time it is and to wear a timepiece that tells people your take fashion and your responsibilities seriously.

There are a few versatile watches out there that can suit many occasions, but no one timepiece can suit all the needs you will have in life. Investing in a few high-quality watches that have enough style to last your lifetime does not have to cost a lot. Three or four fashionable timepieces will keep you covered.

Something casual and sporty should be backed up with an elegant dress watch that may have a leather or other skin strap. In the middle, you need a utility watch, with a metal linked strap and some extra functionality that a dress watch does not have.

The Holy Trinity: Ties, Belts, And Shoes

If your wardrobe does not already have a decent-sized collection of these three accessories, then shame on you. No outfit is complete without at least one if not all these important additions to your ensemble.

Whether you are on a casual lark or going to an important family function, you need to get these three correct. The type of footwear you choose, and its colour, are the keys that unlock the door to sartorial elegance and allow you to walk through it.

An accompanying belt and tie should work with your footwear, both in colour and material. Black leather shoes with a black leather belt, and so on. The bigger your collection the more options you have, so always be on the lookout for new additions when you are shopping.

Follow this advice and you should be all set. When it comes to colours and materials, you know your look best. Make sure you have options in every category to keep your look fresh.