How to Style: Best Colors that blend well with Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is the most popular among modern industries of jewellery segments anywhere globally; in fact, it surpasses the popularity of gold jewellery. Most jewel designers now prefer to turn their art in crafting silver jewellery ornaments and adornments. One reason is consumers with low monthly income would prefer to purchase silver jewellery since it fits their budget. 

With modern designs and the integration of jewels in the fashion segment, silver jewellery has successfully penetrated the fashion industry. The demand is growing day by day. Of course, jewellery designers are among those who turn silver as the standard for fine jewellery.  

Silver Jewellery can complement not only the clothes you wear but also your overall look.

Silver jewellery can be a good present for a woman you love. She will highly appreciate this kind of gift. Silver accessories go well with special occasions, such as weddings, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary celebrations. But most are not sure what colour blends well with silver. 

Unusual colours that blend well with silver

It is not entirely true that all colours blend well with silver. There are a few standouts. 

Silver blends beautifully with dark navy or royal blue. These colours on the background create a stunning effect when worn with silver. It is also true for colours like warm purples, or dark red (burgundy). These so happen to be winter colours too. In some countries, silver signifies winter weather and festivities. A royal blue dress for a cold winter dinner goes well with any Silver Jewellery.

Silver does not mesh well with lilac, light greens, and any shade of pink. Silver loses visibility when partnered with pale colours. However, some pastel colours tend to complement silver, which includes light blue, light purple, and light yellow. Although considered to be soft shades, these colours make the metallic quality of silver pop out.

Gold colours are usually not a good pair to any silver jewellery. Nowadays, however, silver and gold combinations are becoming trendy. Some people get their desired look by combining a touch of gold and silver, which creates a unique look. They wear silver and gold best when Christmas time is coming and for festive decorations. These colours do not usually go well, but today, people are experimenting with both shades to create a complementary colour scheme.

How to match silver with summer outfits? 

If summer is around the corner and you are fond of wearing silver jewellery almost throughout the year, then here are what you need to know.

  • Never wear shining greens and yellows. These colours surpass the brightness of silver in bright clothes; you can barely see the silver. 
  • Soft peach, vanilla yellow, or any shade between pastel and bright are cooler tones that are perfect for summer days.
  • Traditionally, neutral colours complement most colours since their tone is simple and does not draw attention from intense colours.

 Silver is considered a neutral colour as well as black, white, brown, ivory, and grey. When combined with silver, these colours create a unique colour palette that is not overwhelming to any silver jewellery.  

Overall, what’s important is that you are comfortable in what you wear. If you are not that much of a stylist, use the colour tips above, but remember not to overdo it. Just ensure that you’re wearing the right colours to compliment your silver accessories and the right jewellery that compliment your outfit.

Also, wearing a diamond studded silver ring brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall look. You can also check Kimberfire for ethical Diamond rings.

Author Bio: Alice Churchill is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.