Drobo vs Synology: The Battle Between Storage Servers

Regardless of whether you’re an expert picture taker or an enthusiastic specialist, you will in the long run need someplace to store all your photographs, for example, a NAS worker. From the outset, picking between the best NAS like Synology and Drobo can appear to be scared, particularly with all the specialized language.

Both accompany incredible notorieties, yet the correct decision for you can rely upon precisely what you’re searching for from the best NAS worker. Luckily, we’ve figured out how to separate these two—this is what you should know:

What is a Server?

In the event that you aren’t a specialist with all the specialized language, “worker” can feel overwhelming. In the event that you’ve ever observed a worker room within a huge organization, these gadgets normally seem as though a huge hard drive, total with a lot of ropes and wires. Luckily, that is not the sort of setup you will require for putting away your picture or video records.

Notwithstanding, the primary thing to know is that workers aren’t as scary as they would sound. Workers ordinarily allude to PC projects or equipment that control and monitor your information. This information could be anything from PDF records using SODAPDF to recordings to the most recent pictures you just transferred from your camera.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Servers

While an ordinary worker and a NAS both fall under a similar classification, there are many contrasts between the two. Like a customary worker, NAS workers monitor your data and offer it between representatives or customers, however it includes another entrance level: the web.

NAS workers act like your own private distributed storage by giving far off access through the web. In contrast to a customary worker, representatives and customers don’t need to be working in a similar space or of a similar switch to discover data. This makes it simple to manage customers the nation over or take your work with you in a hurry.

For example, an organization that depends on far off specialists may exploit a NAS for joint effort purposes. Or then again, in case you’re regularly voyaging, utilizing a NAS implies that you can at present react to customers or different workers in an opportune way, paying little heed to where you may be.

Since we’ve gone over what Network Attached Storage is, drobo vs synology, and why it may be the unrivaled decision for your records, it’s an ideal opportunity to discuss two of the best NAS workers out there.

Odds are in the event that you’ve been investigating NAS workers, that you’ve seen these names come up more than once—all in all, which one would it be a good idea for you to go with? That is not an inquiry we can straightforwardly respond to in due order regarding you, however, we will turn out a portion of the brand’s most appealing highlights.

The primary thing to comprehend about Drobo or any NAS is that there are various sorts that you can buy. A few workers are more qualified for enormous organizations or business purposes, and others fit video or configuration needs better.

here’s a speedy review of a portion of the item’s most significant upsides and downsides:


  • Doesn’t utilize a ton of intensity in contrast with different NAS gadget

  • Highlights insignificant commotion

  • Accompanies the licensed Beyond RAID innovation

  • Utilizations of broad catastrophe recuperation and reinforcement frameworks

  • Simple to switch or blend hard drives of differing execution

  • You can buy various 5N2 models and sync them up

  • Viable with WordPress, Koken, and other organization applications

  • You can arrange programmed video and picture transfers

  • Simpler to explore in case you’re still new to NAS workers or organization stockpiling


  • Will, in general, be missing with equipment details

  • The UI can be restricted in contrast with Synology elective

  • Not as quick as Synology NAS

  • May be somewhat cumbersome

When considering drobo vs synology, remember similarly as Drobo permits you to get to your Drobo Dashboard and different documents with a customized web address, Synology accomplishes something comparative with their Quick Connect innovation. At the point when you buy your DS416Slim worker and sign up with Synology, you’ll get your own adaptable location.