Create a Fun Date Night With These 5 Unique Ideas

Continuing to date your spouse after you marry is one way to keep your romance alive, according to marriage counselors and relationship experts – but the usual ‘dinner and a movie’ can definitely start to feel a bit stale after a while. For your next date night, try mixing things up with these unique date ideas for a fun night out with your loved one.

Plan a romantic dinner at home

Eating out (especially at a fine-dining restaurant) can be a big expense and on date night, but you don’t have to go out to a restaurant to enjoy the feel of one. It can be just as special, and sometimes even more so, to enjoy a quiet and romantic dinner at home. To mix things up, set up a ‘restaurant’ at home by pulling out the good dishes, using a tablecloth, and lighting candles.

If you don’t have time to cook or meal prep, try a restaurant delivery service or grab takeout from a nicer restaurant in town. It might cost a bit more than making dinner yourself, but you’re still saving on babysitting and won’t have to use a lot of energy when you’re low on it.

Go stargazing

There’s something about a summer evening that sets it up for romance without you having to do much more. So grab the baby monitor and head outside for an evening under the stars!

You can simply enjoy the night, complete with candles and conversation, or turn it into a full-on stargazing event by setting up blankets and pillows in the backyard and using a smartphone app to look up constellations.

Enjoy some quality one-on-one time

Even if you don’t want to commit to a full dinner date, you can still have one-on-one time! Grab your favorite music, make delicious cocktails, and spice things up later on with some quality alone time in the bedroom. Search online for some fun drinks you’ve always wanted to try and make a playlist together with all of your favorite songs before you get the night started!

Try something new together

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but have had to keep putting off, date night might be the perfect time to try it! Whether it’s a cooking class, dancing lessons, painting, or photography, doing prank calls, tackling something together as a couple can produce shared feelings of accomplishment that can strengthen your relationship. Just make sure it’s something you’ll both enjoy and something you might not do otherwise – it’s all about getting out of your normal routine.

Have a couple’s game/quiz night

This is a fun idea that’s less about showing off your trivia skills than it is an opportunity to learn more about each other. You can make your own version of the Newlywed Game, play Truth or Dare, or for an extra adventure, make up your own quiz by writing down a set of 10 or more questions you’ve always wanted to ask your spouse – nothing is off limits!