Common Cases that a Houston Personal Injury Attorney Deals With

As per statistics, there are over 117 accidents in Houston daily. Personal injury cases are prevalent in the busy city of Houston, which gives many reasons to the residents to seek a personal injury legal services. Situations where people get injured due to another individual’s carelessness come under personal injury cases.

It is not only the case where someone gets injured physically; even if someone gets mentally hurt due to another person’s carelessness, it comes under personal injury.

Houston personal injury lawyers deal with several cases. There are some common types of issues that most Houston personal injury attorney handle.

Auto Accidents

In Houston, there are many vehicles used each day on the road compared to any other place in the United States.

Houston has many interstate highways and many roads that connect to nearby cities. These infrastructure arrangements are one of the main reasons most road accidents happen in Houston. The city witnesses around 26000 unknown accident-related injuries every year.

Most of these auto accident cases involve car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle collisions. It might be unfortunate for someone who gets injured due to someone else’s mistake, but it is a common type of case that most personal injury lawyers handle.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Houston has many businesses and apartments located in both commercial and residential areas. Sometimes, there can be slip and fall accidents due to lack of maintenance or the building not being constructed up to code.

These cases usually happen when there is a leakage in water pipes, broken steps, and flooring issues. It is hard to believe that these cases happen often, but they occur.

It might be due to the negligence of building owners or just a case of happenstance for someone who gets injured due to a slip and fall accident.

However, it is one of the common cases that most personal injury lawyers manage. Hence, the services of an experienced Houston personal injury attorney can help you win the highest compensation you are eligible for in such an incident.

Medical Malpractice

Houston has many hospitals. Like any other hospital or medical center, sometimes due to negligence or mistakes committed by doctors, patients get injured.

These injuries can be very severe and might lead to the patient’s death. It is hard for an ordinary person to fight against a doctor’s claim in court.

Houston personal injury lawyers deal with medical malpractice cases quite often. These types of cases are very complicated, and it takes years for someone to approve their claim. However, most personal injury lawyers in Houston have dealt with these kinds of cases before.

Dog Bites

According to the law dog owners are typically held responsible for their pet’s actions. This typically means that a victim can file a case against the dog’s owner for an unprovoked dog bite or attack.
According to this URL, the victim is liable for compensation regarding the medical bills, lost income, and other damages caused due to a dog bite injury.

An experienced dog bite lawyer uses their knowledge and expertise to ensure that the victim’s rights are protected and receive maximum compensation for their losses.

Drug Crimes

In Houston, most people have access to drugs. Whether it is a college student who takes medication for fun or a professional who uses a prescription drug, most people can quickly get their hands on these medications.

Sometimes due to the negligence of doctors prescribing incorrect medication or just misusing or abusing prescriptions, there can be situations where someone gets injured.

Houston personal injury lawyers deal with different types of drug crimes cases such as negligent prescribing, doctor shopping, and prescription and non-prescription drug overdoses.

Wrapping Up

Like any other type of case, individual differences make each case unique in its way. However, most personal injury lawyers are experienced in dealing with some of such common types of cases.