Best Materials for Custom Printing T-Shirts

If you have decided to start a business doing custom printing Singapore, you need to make sure that you have the right type of t-shirts.  When choosing a material for the t-shirts, you should look for material that would feel good on your body.  You don’t want to wear something that feels uncomfortable or maybe makes you itch.

It does not matter if is synthetic, natural, or a combination of these two.  It just needs to feel comfortable when a person wears it.  Another thing to note is that not all fabrics are the same when it comes to printing compatibility.  There are some materials that are better suited for different printing methods.

Here are some of the more popular cotton t-shirt printing materials

  • Polyester—when you are printing t-shirts for various sports, hard labor, or exercising, this is the type of material that you should use. It is breathable and light.  This is a synthetic material that is not only flexible but dries quickly.  It can also withstand many washings without losing its shape or fading.  When using this type of material for printing, you should do a print transfer.  This type of transfer is generally a plastic or vinyl-based ink made especially for synthetic fabrics.
  • 100% cotton—this is a natural material and also the most affordable. It is great to use for casual custom printing Singapore t-shirts.  It is a common material that is used for a lot of clothes and shirts.  The one drawback with 100% cotton is that it is known to shirk after it has been washed in hot water.  Before buying these types of t=shirts, check to see if they have been pre-shrunk.  This will help to prevent people from buying a t-shirt in their size only to wash it and find out it no longer fits.

This type of material works best with water-based ink.  The best printing method to use would be direct-to-garment or screen printing.  One thing to keep in mind is that these types of materials are made thick so they can absorb more ink.  When used for cotton t-shirt printing the design and colors will hold their vibrancy through many washings and will look more intense.

  • Natural/synthetic blend—when you have this type of material you will get all the benefits that polyester and cotton have to offer. You can use any type of printing method with these t-shirts.  The t-shirt will hold its shape better due to the polyester and will allow for more ink absorption because of the cotton.  The most popular method of printing for this material is transfer printing.


When deciding which material to use for t-shirt printing, it will depend on the printing method you want to use.  After reading about these two materials and blend, it appears that the natural/synthetic blend is the best choice.  The reason is that it gives you the benefits of both cotton and polyester plus you can use any printing method you choose.