Alcohol Extraction Machine – The Process and More

In this article, we will discuss in detail what alcohol extraction is. We will also talk about the machines used in carrying out this process. Furthermore, we will examine some other important information about this extraction process.

What is Ethanol?

When people talk about alcohol extraction, what they are actually referring to is ethanol. Take note that we will be using both words interchangeably in this article.

Before we start discussing what this extraction process is all about, it is important we know what ethanol itself is right? Right; we thought so too.

Ethanol is a basic alcohol compound that can be obtained from starch as well as starch-based products and can be seen in substances such yeast, wine, cider, etc. It is produced by sugar fermentation of starch-based products such as wheat, barley, grain, potatoes, etc. The majority of ethanol in the U.S is gotten from corn due to the crop’s abundance.

The fermentation is carried out with the introduction of yeast. As a result of the purity of this compound, it has so many applications and uses. Interestingly, even the gas used for our vehicles is made up of 10% ethanol. Visit to learn more about the amount of ethanol in gas. This is not to mention the amount contained in our foods via meat and alcohol consumption.

Traditional Ethanol Extraction Process

Since this compound is widely used for so many things, it is important that is extracted (gotten out) from the plants in which it naturally resides. But how is this done? That is what we are about to tell you.

Traditionally, and by that we mean without the use of any machine, to extract ethanol, you will need to first grind the plant (e.g. corn seeds) into little particles. Once you have done this, you will then add water as well as certain enzymes to begin the fermentation process.

This mixture which is then known as mash is cooked to ensure that the starch in the corn is properly broken down. Once the mash cools, you will then add a substance known as glucoamylase which will convert the mash into sugar.

To then get ethanol as well as carbon dioxide, you will have to add yeast to the mixture. The mash is then covered and left alone for two days to allow for a complete fermentation. Afterward, the mixture is then heated again to allow the evaporation of the compound. The vaporized compound is collected and then condensed into liquid before another dehydration process to ensure that excess water is removed.

Alcohol Extraction Machine


If there is already a way to extract this important compound, is an alcohol extraction machine then really required? If you are thinking this way, we would also ask you what is the need for all the machines you make use of.

Just like any other machine out there, an alcohol extraction machine is used to carry out the process at a faster rate thereby saving one the energy and time of doing it manually. There are different types of this machine, but all of them perform the same function.

Most of these pieces of equipment are designed to remove the compound from the original plants in a more efficient way than the traditional method. As a result, since the product obtained is purer, it can be applied and used in different ways.

A good number of these machines have the following parts:

  • Extraction tank
  • Cooling ethanol tank (Primary & Secondary)
  • Single filter
  • Extracted liquid storage tank
  • Concentrated liquid storage tank
  • Ethanol recovery concentrator
  • Storage tank for recycling ethanol
  • Alcohol distillation tower
  • Tank for concentrated ethanol
  • Alcohol pumps
  • Extract pump
  • Concentrate pump

Features of Quality Alcohol Extraction Machines

Not all of these machines are quality, but most quality machines have the following features:

  • Can process and extract biomass quantity of over one thousand pounds in just 1 hour.
  • User-friendly and environmental-friendly.
  • Capable of utilizing more than one extraction method which includes cold and warm. Click here to watch a video of an explanation of the extraction process.
  • Produces a pure compound that can be used for the production of different alcoholic products.

Alcohol Extraction Uses

This process is used for the following:

  • Whipped cream and wine manufacturing.
  • Ethanol is used in the production of several alcoholic beverages which include beer, distilled spirits, and wine.
  • The process is important for organic chemicals production.
  • Ethanol is found in a lot of drugs e.g. anti-depressants which are used to enhance mental health.
  • This procedure is applied in the health and liquor industry.


Alcohol extraction is a very important process that has several applications today. However, the efficiency of the process wouldn’t have been what it is today without the aid of the machines used in the procedure. As a result, the time it took the traditional method to perform the job is much faster; thereby allowing more production of this compound.