5 Simple Ways to Introduce Someone to Marijuana

Once you see the benefits of marijuana for yourself, of course, you want to share it with others. It’s hard to listen to your loved ones complain about stress or pain when you know there’s a simple fix!

The problem is, trying to convince someone who has misconceptions about weed to try it can make you look, well, sketchy. So how do you introduce them to this amazing natural plant without intimidating them?

1. Explain the Legalities

Before you take another step, make sure you know the legal aspects of marijuana in your state. If you’re not getting your weed legally, chances are, the other person isn’t going to be interested.

Luckily, marijuana is legal in some form in about half the country. Every state allows hemp-derived CBD products, too. The more educated you are on the facts about the legal status of marijuana, the better you can explain it to your friend.

Years of learning that weed is illegal and dangerous are hard to overcome. Now that we have a prolific amount of research saying otherwise, millions of people are slowly opening up to the benefits of marijuana.

But it’s a process, and you can’t force someone to try weed if they’re worried they’ll get arrested or sick. Arm yourself with the facts before you introduce them to the product.

2. Educate Them on Cannabis Strains

Just because they’re a newbie doesn’t mean they should be uneducated. Part of the fear about cannabis is due to a lack of knowledge. The person you’re introducing the product to doesn’t need a full Weed 101 class. They do need to know what they’re putting in their body, though.

Let them know that there are hundreds of strains of cannabis, so if they don’t like this experience, that doesn’t mean they should never give weed a try again.

Many people share their leftover trimmings instead of using their main product. This is fine unless your weed is too strong for a beginner.

What kind of weed are you introducing them to? If you want them to have a good first experience, don’t use too potent of a product.

3. Start With Edibles

For many people, a brownie is far less intimidating than a joint. Who wants to say no to a deliciously moist sweet treat?

Making edibles isn’t difficult; however, it does require careful measuring and even blending. Too much weed in one bite may cause the person eating the brownie to get sick. Not enough weed, though, and they’ll get the wrong idea of what marijuana does.

Keep in mind that if you do use edibles for a first-timer, limit how much they eat. It can take a while for the effects to kick in while they’re munching away. By the time they feel anything, they could have too much in their system.

4. Make Sure They’re Comfortable

When you introduce someone to marijuana, the setting is almost as important as the strain.

Think about their comfort, not yours. What makes them relaxed? Are they a binge TV show watcher? Is music their go-to when they’re stressed? Do they prefer to be outside in nature?

Whatever their preferred environment is, use that knowledge to plan when and where you’ll give them the weed. A relaxed setting goes a long way toward creating a positive first-time experience.

5. Walk Them Through the Experience

Everyone’s assumptions about what happens when they get high are different. These views are colored by past experiences, stories from others, movies, and more.

The more clearly you can explain to the other person what they should expect, the less fear and anxiety they’ll have. Remind them that the best way to enjoy it is to have a positive attitude. What they feel when the cannabinoids hit their system could be magnified.

Some people want to be left alone their first time with weed. This is never a good idea. Since they (and you) don’t know how they’ll respond, it’s best to have someone trustworthy to stay nearby.

After they take a hit, talk to them about what they’re feeling. If they begin to get scared, paranoid, or nauseous, calmly guide them through that stage until they feel better.

Just knowing someone is there to help if something goes wrong can relax them enough to let go and enjoy their experience.


You know that marijuana is what your friend or loved one needs to help them relax or feel better. Getting them to agree is the hard part.

As a pro in the world of weed, you know what works and what doesn’t. If you can teach them the essentials that they need to know to feel safe instead of scared, they’re more likely to say yes.

These tips will give your attempt at introducing them to the benefits of cannabis a smoother path. When they enjoy their experience, it’s a win/win for both of you.