15 Things Girls Like About Guys the Most

Let’s face it – women are mysterious creatures. No wonder men can’t understand us when, more often than not, we can’t crack the code of our own hearts.

On top of it, when it comes to what girls like about guys, we can be a full bag full of surprises.

While the more ‘superficial traits’ like looks and sexual attraction come into play, girls and women also look for stronger and deeper qualities.

Here is a good mix of what catches a girl’s eye:

1. He Has an Awesome Sense of Humor

A guy doesn’t have to be a stand-up comedian to get a women’s attention, but being able to tell a good joke and make her laugh can pave the path to her heart. Sharing a similar sense of humor can strengthen the relationship. It’s just fun when you have someone to goof around with.

2. He Maintains Good Personal Hygiene

Lack of personal hygiene can sometimes be a deal-breaker. It’s a form of discipline that speaks about a person’s ability to keep good habits. So, this is not about applying tons of cologne but is all about basic cleanliness.

3. He Has a Sense of Style

Another cliché on the list, but you have to admit, it is such a turn-on when a guy can dress for the occasion. Of course, he doesn’t have to look like he just stepped down of the catwalk, but showing at a dinner date in his worn-out sweatpants is a big no-no!

4. He Respects His Girl’s Friends & Family as Much as He Respects His

Guys, when you show as much love and respect for your girl’s friends and family as you do for your own inner circle, it takes you to the next level. Yep, that’s your ticket to ‘marriage-material land.’

5. He Shows a Healthy Dose of Jealousy and Is Protective

Let’s make one thing very clear: women are not an object you can own! No one wants an overprotective guy with trust issues. But, sometimes, little hints of healthy jealousy can be a sign that the guy really cares.

6. He’s in Touch with His Feelings

It’s obvious that women and men come from different ‘planets’ – most women are more open and find it easier to express their emotions, while men can be an impenetrable fort. That’s why one of the things girls like about guys is when they can openly communicate their feelings.

7. He Shows Interest in What His Girl’s Saying

Girls talk a lot. They just like sharing details about themselves. So, finding a guy who can attentively hear them out and, on top of it, show interest in what they are saying is priceless.

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8. He’s Driven and Passionate

One of the things girls like about guys the most is when they have a goal in life, and they are not afraid to put the necessary work into fulfilling it.

9. He’s Confident but Humble

Confidence is the new sexy. No one loves a peacock who believes to be larger than life, but believing in yourself and your own abilities while staying humble and grounded will get you every girl’s attention.

10. He Just Adores Animals

Guys who love pets and animals are the cutest. I rest my case!

11. He Notices Details and Gives Compliments

The smallest compliment can take a man far! Let a girl know you noticed her new earrings or how she parted her hair differently that morning, and it will make her day and boost her confidence. Women love when men pay attention to details.

12. He’s Intelligent

It’s true, girls can be huge sapiosexuals. Of course, looks matter, but women actually look beyond the physical quite fast. Offer her knowledge and interesting facts. A good train of thought can impress a woman faster than your perfect six-pack.

13. He’s Not Afraid to Show His Love in Public

There is something so attractive about a guy when he pulls you in and kisses you while you are in public. It feels good when he lets people know he loves and appreciates his girl.

14. He’s Generous and Giving

No, women (well, most of them) don’t expect guys to bury them in gifts and pay for everything, but offering to cover the bill from time to time can be a nice gesture.

15. He’s Able to Give Good Advice

Girls appreciate when a guy can help them out in a difficult situation (but only when asked!). No, they rarely need to be ‘saved,’ but a good piece of advice will make them appreciate a guy a little bit more.

Final Words

Different girls have different preferences, and men are no exception. They all look for different traits and qualities. Some fall for bad boys, some fall for nerds. In the end, what counts is to be a good human being and respect the girl next to you.