Paying for School: Top Tips for Applying for Pre-Dental Scholarships

If you’re set on becoming a dentist, you already know that your skills and knowledge of science will help take you far as well as a good academic record. To offset the costs associated with dental school, you should also seek more info about scholarship money.

Receiving a scholarship is possible. You just have to prove you’re a worthy candidate. If you have made good grades, have exemplary Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores, and take part in professional organizations related to dentistry, you’re already in a good position to apply for the funding.

Applying for a Pre-Dental Scholarship

To learn more about pre-dental scholarships, review the criteria for programs such as the Dr. Michael Krochak Pre-Dental Scholarship competition. In this case you need to know how to tell a good and honest story. Express why you wish to enter the dental field and make dentistry your lifetime career.

Write Your Essay: Tell Your Story with Your Heart and Soul

When you apply for a scholarship, in this case, you need to write an essay – tell your story from your heart and soul. Capture the reader’s attention and show why you’re the right scholarship candidate.

Prove You Have What It Takes Academically

Scholarship candidates also need to demonstrate they have top grades or a scholastic history that should be rewarded. You should have at least a GPA of 3.2; however, a higher GPA, naturally, is preferred and certainly will not hurt your chances.

Along with your college transcript, you might add the score for your Dental Admission Test (DAT). A score of at least 20 will help you greatly. It puts you in the higher percentile of students seeking to enter dental training.

Think about What You’ll Write

In your essay, you might include how you were inspired to become a dentist. Maybe you had problems with your bite or smile while you were growing up or you always enjoyed subjects such as science and art. After all, you do have to have artistic skills to fit beautiful bridges or veneers so you do have to be multi-talented in this regard.

The whole idea is to speak frankly and provide all the reasons why you’ll indeed benefit from receiving scholarship funding.

Indeed, a scholarship can help significantly in cutting the cost of college, as it can reduce your bill, in most cases, by about $1,000. So, it is worth your while to enter a scholarship competition. Events of this type are designed to encourage people with bachelor degrees to enter the dental industry.

Where Do You Plan to Attend School?

You might also include in your essay where you plan to apply and attend dental school. You might elaborate on why you’ve chosen a certain school and why it’s important to you to enroll as a student at the college.

Format Your Essay So It Has Reader Appeal

Format and organize your essay so it is logical and interesting to read. Remove superfluous words and simplify more complex terms.

Stick to Descriptive Action Verbs

Use descriptive verbs instead of adverbial phrases. For example, it’s more interesting to say, “I jumped at the opportunity to join the club,” rather than saying “I immediately decided to enroll in the club.”

Always Spell Check Your Work and Read It Out Loud

Spell check your essay and read it out loud to make sure everything sounds okay.

Cut Your College Costs Creatively

Applying for a pre-dental scholarship is an opportunity you don’t want to pass over. Go ahead! Make the move to cut your college costs creatively.