Fun and Easy Science Projects for Dads

Father doing toy project with son

A time with dads and kids should be full of fun and learning. As a dad, you should find ways to make your time with your children a fruitful one. While children love to spend their time in leisure and recreation, dads should make sure that they can balance it by adding … Read more

Capable Men of History: Leonardo da Vinci

Capable Men of History Leonardo da Vinci

You may have come across the Vituvian Man, Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Flying Machine and many of this inventions and masterpieces which made a man the face of Renaissance, sparked controversies, and changed the world forever. It will definitely made you think, how can one man influence various field of study? … Read more

Fun Science Experiment Ideas for Kids Under the Age of 10

If you’re thinking about bonding with your little ones in your free time, aside from watching movies and playing video games, you might want to try doing different science experiments with them. If you have kids under the age of ten, here are awesome science experiments you can conduct with them. More … Read more