Reasons Why Children Need a Present Father

Generally, dads don’t always get the credit they deserve. Even now, as more men are taking roles in the home, and more women are becoming breadwinners, people still tend to view dads as a second-rate mom. Children are still seen as the mother’s responsibility, and that’s a shame because fathers always matter. … Read more

Dads Are the Grilling Kings

It’s easy to picture out dads on the grill, especially during the summer. Dads were out there in the backyard, serving up hot dogs, steaks and hamburgers, while wearing their hat, gym shorts, white socks and New Balances. Grilling has become a dad role and the backyard grill is the dad zone. … Read more

Fathers Make All the Difference

Fathers, or father figures, face a set of challenges in family life and raising the kids. While it is common to see a dad portrayed by the media as the less caring, less involved, and less nurturing parent, a father still has a unique role in raising a child. The involvement of … Read more