Destination Trip Ideas for Fathers and Sons

For fathers who are always busy with their work, it’s kind of challenging to find time to bond with their kids. But it is important that you still set schedules on when you are going to spend time with them. Bonding time is essential, especially for fathers and sons. It is a … Read more

5 Things Sons Need from Their Fathers

There’s nothing like a good father-and-son relationship. As boys grow up, there will be many influences to his development to adulthood, and as a father, you should be his most important role model. Your son needs you. A good father ensures that he’s giving his son the fundamental things he needs. Having … Read more

Talking to Sons about How to Treat Girls

A silhouette of a man talking with his son while watching the sunset

Dads need to teach their sons how to treat girls with respect. There will be no best person for your sons to learn it from than their dad. The absence of a father’s positive influence is most often filled by the influence of movies, TV, music, peers and pornography. You don’t want … Read more