20 Movies Ideas for Dads and Sons to Watch Together

20 Movies Ideas for Dads and Sons to Watch Together

Bonding with your son does not always have to be awkward. You can always pop up a good film and have a good laugh or maybe even shed a tear together. We have assembled a great list of movie ideas that you can enjoy together ranging from classic sci-fi to action-packed films. … Read more

Positive Text Message Ideas from Dads to Teens

Man texting

With the emergence of technology in the present time, communication between people has become easier and faster. With the use of cell phones, we are able to reach out to other people to ask about them or let them know what we’re up to through text messages and calls. Today, people of … Read more

Tips for Dads on Planning Family Bonding Activities

Dad and kids bonding

In most families, dads are usually the ones who have hectic and busy schedules at work, and they often find it challenging to find time to spend with the whole family. This is the reason why dads should also try to plan some family bonding activities on weekends or when they get … Read more