Using the framework of the Blueprint we will work together to enable you to take full ownership of your personal environment. Using lessons from over 10 years in dynamic, conflict situations, I will offer you effective guidance through a lens suitable for your own situation; With accountability and regular feedback we will figure out solutions together to overcome some of the obstacles provided by life.

John Fee is the founder of Capable Men. He served 5 years in the British Army, including a tour of duty in Afghanistan before transitioning into a career within the private security sector.

John attended several private protection courses dealing with security strategy, close-quarters combat training, firearms and advanced driving. This new profession took him worldwide Including the protection of Government assets in South America, VIP tasks on the Côte d’Azur and security work within the French Alps.

John has created the Capable Men platform to advocate a stoic approach to one’s personal development. Critical thinking and self awareness of one’s own confirmation biases are essential to developing an effective strategy to navigate life on your own terms.

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