Mankind is a strange beast, any way you put it.

The things we put ourselves through… the ways we create and destroy… the adventures we embark on…

The degree of complexity of factors driving this collective journey, perhaps unfathomable.

Where we started, where we’re going, and why… perhaps impossible to comprehend, considering the billions of split paths interweaving as we each make our way through this lifetime – impacting others’ – sewing our marks on the fabric of history and destiny as they collide in a singularity encompassing time and space in a definitive whole.

In the evolution of our consciousness, we’ve sought answers. In our confusion, we’ve searched for Truth and wisdom to make sense of what appears as chaos and disorder. No shit – the world is complete with its madness, despite what wishes we might have that all return to peace, love, and light. Some might dwell in the darkness. Others aim to enlighten. Simultaneously, near 8 billion human lives unfold each with their particular approaches to contribute to the shared storyboard – each bringing forth a manifestation of the conflicting forces into the space to be experienced by themselves and others, whether aware or on autopilot.

Questions beckon…

What is the purpose of it all? What can we do to change the course?

Perhaps some of the answers are unanswerable. Perhaps some require extreme measures to access.

What is not immediately obvious may require stepping off the beaten path, venturing into unknowns to discover. The answers we might be most curious to find may sometimes be those requiring the most effort to attain, and not come easily.

There are levels of access…

Some might want to simplify, suggesting shortcuts exists such as, “the truth is all within.” However, what is required to access those truths within, may be far more complicated.

And let us consider a possibility: perhaps we’re not worthy of access.

Or at least not yet.

How would we handle the power of absolute Truth?

If the power of creation were in our hands, would we truly be mature and responsible enough to manage it constructively and wisely?

If we’ve constantly been running towards the light, in fear of our own darkness, who’s to say we’d possess the capability to harness our gifts in such a manner that we’d not cause complete chaos out of the failure to integrate the wisdom awaiting in those shadowy depths we’ve run from?

If we’ve been pushing steadily for the birth of new worlds without fully embracing the wholeness of the existing, whose to say we’d not starve ourselves of the nourishment present in the here and now – fucking up the developmental process by wanting to race ahead impatiently due to the discomfort with where we’re at in the current stage of our transforming ignorance?


To what degrees are we willing to explore?

And more importantly, why?

If all the answers we sought were accessible – how high, far, and deep would we be willing to travel to find them?

And, would we truly be willing to accept the wholeness of what might be found there?

If we were fixated on finding the brightest of the light, would we also be willing to accept the darkest of the dark…?

If we were able to be granted access to the core source of our most potent creative power, would we also be brave enough to confront the outcome of an absolute misuse of that power and the insanity that might result of not yet being mature enough to handle what we asked for…?

It’s easy to ask questions. And it’s easy to think the answers could be known in a format recognizable to the mind we’ve become accustomed to operating from within. And, it’s easy to underestimate the intensity of what we might actually be asking for – not knowing the full scale of how deep and far the rabbit hole goes.

Nonetheless, the journey proceeds.

Maybe, life has its inbuilt safety mechanisms protecting us from going farther and deeper than we’re ready to. Maybe it’s all a series of character development processes and tests, through which access to new levels is opened when we prove ourselves ready for them. Perhaps that’s something each is to discover for themselves, on their own timelines.

To great heights we may climb, to deep depths we may dive, in search of the unknowns.

Yet, perhaps the greatest peace lies in pausing the search – taking comfort in the warmth of contentedness and appreciation for the here and now, and how blessed we are to be alive, well, and in the company of our beloveds…

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