The Warriors Gather – Spotify playlist

A free Spotify playlist for Warriors out there. Next time you train, meditate, hike or do battle – Fire up this playlist to raise the fires deep within.

This is a live Spotify playlist that will be updated periodically from time to time with new additions – Simply subscribe to the playlist and all future additions will update automatically upon being added to the collection on our end. Enjoy!

The warrio's gather - a spotify playlist

Click the banner above to access our free musical collection that aims to raise the fires deep within the primordial brain – Warrior influenced songs that will invigorate your inner beast. So the next time you train, meditate, explore new terrain, hike or do battle – Fire up this playlist. We will continue to build this playlist as time progresses, so subscribe now and use The Warriors Gather playlist for those moments when you need to push beyond your limits.

Go forth!

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