Calm and peace; the one thing you are in charge of: yourself. A man must decide for himself how he responds to things and situations. Yet it is easy to be distracted by your emotions when reacting to a situation. Being calm means you can handle any situation that occurs properly, for it allows you to take a step back and to figure out the real way to handle this situation.

Being calm brings a feeling of patience and control. You become more aware of your surroundings when you are calm; you find the right things that deserve attention, and clearly see what a situation really needs to have your own preferred outcome. It is by calm and peace that everything within you can function properly.

Look at a storm at sea: the waves crash onto the rocks, the fish swim out of panic, the sand destroys the sea life and plants. No plants are able to grow on those rocks at that moment; fish cannot reproduce; the plants in the water cannot grow.

Yet, when the sea is calm, all these situations become possible again, and they start happening. That’s how your brain works as well: if there’s always a storm in your head, you cannot expect the situation to grow within yourself. Just like the plants on the rocks find it impossible to grow, so will your ideas; just as the fish cannot find other fish, you will not find the right relationships in your life; just as the life on the sea bottom is being scraped away, so will the foundation in yourself.

As a man you must create calm and peace within yourself, as this will counter the above. Just as the plants on the rocks are able to grow again, so will your ideas; just as the fish can find each other again, so will you find the right relationships; just as the plants in the sea can grow on the sand again, so will you have the right foundation within yourself.

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