Tips for Reconnecting with Old Friends

A friend is another self. It is why every person is always trying to find a way to keep his relationship with his friends intact, especially old friends.

It is difficult to imagine losing a friend for different reasons. Except perhaps when a friend dies naturally or moves to another place, losing old friends can be acceptable in this manner. But to lose our old friends—whether they are childhood friends, neighbors, teammates, or office colleagues—for the reasons of negligence or simply the lack of care is unforgivable.


Aside from being aware of the conditions of old friends, it is also essential for us to find time to be together. It is only for the sake of rekindling old ties but also to remind each other that losing an old friend is like having a part of you died. And you cannot simply afford it to happen!

While it is understandable that reconnecting with old friends can sometimes bring a sense of awkwardness, you have to find some honest yet straightforward ways of reconnecting with them. The efforts have to be seamless and natural.

It is essential to consider that falling out with old friends, whether physically or emotionally, can be avoided if you find ways to fix it quickly. 

There is also no need for radical self improvement if all you have to do is keep in touch with someone who knows and accepts you before.

Friends jumping together

Tips for reconnecting with old friends

1. Think why

Before heading out to keep in touch with your old friend, you have to ask yourself why you suddenly become out of contact with each other. 

As yourself, why is there a need for you to reconnect with them? Was it because you badly missed your old friends? Do you have a favor to ask? Or do you want to make amends?

Make sure to come up with some possible answers to these questions before calling them on the phone or chatting with them online. Make sure you have a good reason why you are doing this and not for other self-serving purposes.

2. Be direct with your purpose

Be straightforward when reconnecting with your friends. There is no need for you to fret or ramble as you start uttering your words or typing your messages; after all, the person on the other line is your friend.

Some phrases or words to start the conversation would be like: 

Hey, I saw something yesterday that made me remember you.

Hey, I am free this weekend. I want to catch up with you.

Hey, it’s been ages! Are you up for a get-together this weekend?

Hey (insert name), do you still recall our last meeting with (insert name of another friend)? Are you available to catch up with the group?

I know I was not so honest with my feelings towards you, and I am partly to blame. I wanted to say sorry.

3. Say hello

Never underestimate the power of this one short word. Hello always brings magic to old friends who have been away from each other for varying reasons. But in saying this greeting, you need to be direct, too.

Do not just drop the word hello and expect a response. Just say hello and continue the message right away.

4. Never assume

Never assume that you will have the same affirmative response once you start reconnecting with old friends. Let your heart be open as the sky in terms of expectations. Accept everything.

Whether you are the best of friends, the distance between you and your old friends can sometimes create a crack in your relationship. People change.

5. Say sorry

If you are the reason why the relationship with your old friend became sour, you have to be mature and responsible enough to fix it. 

Say sorry at once if you find an opportunity to do so. Never postpone the moment that you can sincerely express how sad you are about some past mistakes. When you say sorry, do not expect to be forgiven right away.

Some forms of forgiveness take time, especially if the misdeed is a grave one. But rest assured, saying sorry can always bring the magic in a relationship. You have to be patient enough to catch it.

6. Find an available time

When you plan to catch up with your old friends, make sure you also have an available schedule. Do not be superficial.

7. Make it ASAP!

Life is short. You cannot afford to lose your old friends simply because you are busy. If you miss your old friends, tell them right away that you want to reconnect with them at the soonest possible time.

Friends making faces

The Bottomline

Friends come and go. Some stay for a while, some stick around for a lifetime. The important thing is to express your sense of gratitude to them while you are together. Tell them how lucky you are that you are friends before it is too late.