How to Put Together an Outfit for a Formal Occasion


It might be challenging to decide what to dress to an occasion. Do you need to dress up? What about the style, color, and length, etc.? You must dress appropriately for the occasion, depending on what it is. Whenever we hear the words formal events or formal gatherings, we would always associate it with men wearing suits and/or tuxedos. But formal clothing has changed a little bit throughout the years. As long as the outfit is polished and sophisticated, it is becoming easier to get away with a dressed-down version of formal clothes. But really, how should a men put his outfit together? Continue reading because you’ll learn more about how to dress properly for formal occasions. 

What is Formal Wear?


It’s generally reasonable to assume that if an invitation calls for formal wear, it’s a black tie or white tie event and that you should arrive in your best and most elegant attire. Generally speaking, formal wear is required for elegant events because you don’t want to stand out as a slob among a group of well-dressed males.

There isn’t much room for exceptions when it comes to men’s formal wear, which traditionally denotes a black-tie affair and calls for a black tuxedo and tuxedo shirt. The black-tie ensemble, complete with a starched white shirt and cummerbund, is the pinnacle of men’s formal attire.

Formal Wear Essentials

Even though the holiday party season has ended, we all still have significant events to attend throughout the year. At a formal occasion, whether it’s a wedding, dinner party, or business gathering, it’s crucial to look the best. Sometimes it might be difficult to choose what to dress, but we’ve put up a list of necessities to help you out a little.



Invest on a stylish outfit. Your ideal suit will serve you well for many years and look great at any formal occasion. With a traditional tuxedo jacket, you undoubtedly can’t go wrong. There are many shops with a wide variety of suits for formal occasions, but we certainly appreciate their elegant tuxedo jackets’ classic fit. A tuxedo seems incredibly expensive while having a modest style and fit thanks to the little sheen on the peak lapel, pocket, and buttons. Make sure you have a pair of proper matching trousers and a crisp shirt for every suit you wear.



A leather oxford shoe with laces is the traditional footwear for formal occasions. If you already own a pair, just make sure you have given them a nice polish because they always look classy. With a tuxedo, patent oxford shoes look amazing. Try a derby or brogue if you’d rather wear a straightforward suit. The leather is given extra dimension and some texture thanks to the details. Try wearing a pair of colorful socks to add some personality.



When accessorizing a formal outfit, always use a tie or bowtie. A bowtie completes the outfit and looks particularly classy with the tuxedo jacket. Why not choose something with a print or experiment with a vibrant color if you want to add some personality? Make sure you have a great watch on, tucked into the cuff of your shirt, and don’t forget a pair of cufflinks, which are a nice way to add a touch of individuality. If you enjoy wearing jewelry, go ahead, but make sure it doesn’t detract from your sharp suit.

Hair and Styling

Man in black suit with neat hairThe key to any formal event is to make sure that your hair is neat and clean. Same thing goes if you have a beard so it is best to maintain a clean shaven or well-trimmed facial hair. Make sure your hair is just brushed and washed before attempting the rugged and rough look. If you have medium-length hair, we advise choosing a sleek style. Depending on the kind of your hair, apply a pre-styler to help add a lot of volume to the hair and a styling product that will provide you with adequate grip and a medium shine. If you want your style to last during a long night, you can finish by using hairspray.

Tips to Rock a Modern Formal Look 


Can the standards for formal clothes set by our grandfathers be applied to the modern man? Although clothing guidelines still apply, there are a few changes from the past in the guidelines. When getting ready for your next occasion, bear in mind these new guidelines for men’s formal wear.

Simplify your look

There are far too many people who overdo it when it comes to tailoring. No, you don’t need a cigar hanging out of every pocket, a pocket watch, braces, a pocket square, a collar bar, and a tie pin in every pocket. Keep things simple and let your personality and the suit speak for itself. You won’t only spend less time getting ready, but you’ll also appear more unaffected and normal.

Forget the “slim” fit

Over the past ten years, “slim fit” has dominated the fashion industry, but it is no longer in style, especially for formal occasions. Unfortunately, “slim fit” often means “very tight,” and nobody wants a suit that is too tight to move in or even button up. Look for larger cuts that compliment rather than constrain your body form when choosing a suit because a suit should flatter rather than contour.

Choose comfort

A suit does not need to be heavily designed. For ultimate convenience, layer an oversized coat or jacket over the top. A coat in the next size above, even if it isn’t big, will ensure that your suit fits underneath and can also serve as a warm weekend jacket. Make sure you can still see your hands by adjusting the sleeve length.

Weather factor

The weather should also be taken into account when choosing an outfit for a formal occasion. It’s a good idea to dress appropriately for the weather if there’s a potential of rain or snow. This entails a thicker coat or jacket and water-resistant footwear.

Earth tones can never go wrong

The most common choices will always be gray and navy, but a colorful suit can be a standout alternative. If in doubt, stick to earthy hues like deep greens and browns because they complement the majority of skin tones. Keep the rest of your outfit understated to let the suit steal the show.


It might be challenging to select the ideal outfit for a formal occasion. If it’s chilly, you want to make sure you’re dressed adequately while also being cozy and warm. When selecting your attire, it’s common to consider the weather as well as whether or not you’ll need accessories like scarves and belts. Choosing an acceptable attire ought to be simple if you keep these things in mind!