Can You Wear Slacks and Cowboy Boots?

Once only worn by cowboys, ranch workers, cattle hands, cowboy boots have transcended the saddle life and evolved into a staple in American fashion. Today, it’s worn by anyone of any age, male or female, from ordinary people to celebrities, rock stars, businessmen, and even politicians.

It’s no surprise as this iconic Western footwear always makes a statement, providing a distinctive, rugged, and edgy appeal. As long as you pair them with the right stylish pieces, expect cowboy boots to bring flair and nail your overall look.

With that, have you ever wondered if slack and cowboy boots are a perfect fit? Can you wear them together, or should you opt for other options instead? Well, don’t fret! In this article, let’s discover more about slacks and whether you should be wearing them with your handsome cowboy boots.

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What are Slacks?

Before discussing if they’re the right match, let’s first discuss what slacks are.

Slacks are a men’s trousers type that has a loose-fitted construction. In fact, its name was derived from the old Saxon term “slak,” which means “loose.” They’re not meant to be snug or close-fitting when worn. Instead, they enliven their name as they fit loosely. Unlike jeans, khakis, and chinos, slacks won’t stick close to your legs and body.

Wool fabrics, wool blends, and other wool-based textiles are generally used to make slacks. These types of materials are generally lightweight. Thus, allowing the loose-fitted design and giving your body lots of room to breathe.

Slacks tend to be formal or classical, with older people often wearing them. These pants are timeless and always in style, which means there’s no reason not for you to wear and incorporate them into your fashion style.

Are Dress pants and Slacks the same?

Slacks are often compared to dress pants. Though they look the same, the latter actually covers different types of both semi-formal and formal trousers. Moreover, dress pants can be made of various materials like linen, cotton, and synthetic textiles. Slacks have a more natural casual appearance, as dress pants are meant for actually “dressing up.” Yet, of course, the main difference between the two is that slacks will always come in a loose-fitted construction.

What are the benefits of wearing Slacks? 

With that, most men find slacks more comfortable and spacious than dress pants. Slacks offer a different level of comfort compared to snug trousers that can dig into your sides and waist and restrict your movement. Wearing slacks doesn’t pose these problems and expect to move or bend freely and comfortably.

Made from woolen materials that poorly conduct heat, slacks are also warmer, given that they absorb heat from your body. Moreover, wool fibers trap air pockets, which aid in insulating your body. Thus, making them ideal for colder temperatures or through winter.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear slacks during the spring and summer months. As they’re loose-fitting, slacks won’t leave feeling hot as they won’t cling to your legs and body. All in all, they’re your best bet year-round.

Can you Wear Slacks and Cowboy Boots?

So, the question is – can you wear slacks and cowboy boots? Jeans or denim are the kings when you’re looking for the perfect pants to pair with cowboy boots. However, cowboy boots are actually versatile footwear. You can pair them without worries with suit pants, chinos, dress pants, and even slacks! 

Truth to be told, wearing slacks and cowboy boots isn’t only acceptable. It’s turning into a fad that makes men wearing them stand out among other men. Whether it’s a dinner date, a business meeting with a potential client, or a good night stroll in a bustling city, pairing slacks and cowboy boots together plus your suit or blazer will make you a surefire head-turner.

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General Rule in Wearing Cowboy Boots with Pants

If you want to join the craze and transcend pairing slacks and cowboy boots alone, you’re lucky as cowboy boots are all-around, which means there’s simply not much of anything that won’t match them.

For instance, if you want to have that urban look, resort to wearing cowboy boots and denim as have been paired together for decades. You can never go wrong with gray-wash or dark blue jeans. Wear them both day or not and ooze with style.

There are also boot-cut jeans specifically made to be worn with cowboy boots. They slightly widen, starting the knee down to be roomier. If you’re still sticking with the reliable slacks, you may do so but never ever tuck them into your cowboy boots.

In general, you can wear almost any type of pants with cowboy boots as long as their cut at the bottom is wide enough. Through that, they will simply fall over your cowboy boots’ shaft sans creating an ugly bulge.

Meanwhile, you can also wear certain pants like jeans that are cut slim, which you can tuck into your cowboy boots without clumping at your ankles.

To complete your overall look, pair your cowboy boots with a solid-colored shirt, a plaid shirt, a Harrington jacket, or a bomber, depending on a combo. If you want to combine a laid-back yet modern look, wear jeans, cowboy boots, a plain tee, and a plaid jacket. On the other hand, your slacks, plain shirt, blazer, and cowboy boots is your go-to outfit if you want to fuse cowboy fashion and a smart-casual look.

Typically, simple clothes with solid colors and simple patterns are your perfect allies. Note that black cowboy boots match nearly any solid-colored outfit, while brown cowboy boots are perfect with shades of blue and gray. If you own tan cowboy boots instead, light-colored pants and tops are your top choice.


Indeed, good-quality cowboy boots are a must-have in your closet. You can certainly wear them with slacks, but you can also don them with other types of trousers, as well. Just find which combos match your personality, style, and occasion – expect to always look hip and bold with your cowboy boots.