Plan A Perfect Day With Dad

Your dad, husband, and grandfather deserve recognition after all the sacrifices they make for you throughout the year. You are probably guilty of not thinking of any gift to surprise them with until the last days to father’s day. Thus, you end up gifting them with just a card. They sure deserve better as they have been there for you and passed on all the knowledge they can to you.

There are thousands of ideas on how to spend time with your dad. However, the activity won’t count as his favorite without you. In the coming father’s day show your dad that you care by pulling an activity that you will engage in together.

Ideas To Help You Choose A Perfect Plan

1. Beer Tasting

If your dad likes beer, then he will appreciate some cooling off with beer. You can take a trip together to the brewery and pick various beer crafts. He may get a new favorite beer, and he will forever thank you for that.

Alternatively, you can toast him at a local bar. You will learn a lot about your dad’s taste and preferences. Once you know his best bottles, you can bring him once in a while when you go home. Also, you could organize some wine tasting events at home. Buy beer from around the world to achieve an international wine tasting experience. You can also spice it up by serving him the bar food he likes. It could be soft pretzels, fried appetizers, or just beer cheese.

2. Play Golf

They say that playing golf is a pleasant walk spoiled. However, if it means 18 golf holes of spending some quality time with your dad, then it will undoubtedly be worth it. You can hire a golf instructor to get advice from a pro and get better at the game gradually. Besides, your dad’s busy schedule could be making it for him to sneak a few hours of golf playing. Well, not this father’s day, he will also appreciate spending time with you.

3. Go Fishing

There is a reason why fishing is a perfect activity for father’s day. Where else can you sit or stand side by side with your father enjoying an outdoor event? Tap into your dad’s fishing excitement by renting a boat and accompanying him. If he loves adventure, then you can ride a jet ski. Consider gifting him a momento like a t-shirt or Dad life hat so you guys can remember the experience for years to come!

4. Test His Go-kart Skills

Father’s day can also be a time to break the norm and seek a different thrilling experience. Go for an exciting go-kart ride with your dad. Show him the speedy way and a helmet and watch him getting thrilled with excitement. Enjoy the experience as the game transitions from a friendly match to competition within a few laps.  Spend the day zipping around and get his adrenaline at the highest end. It will turn out to be a special day for both of you.

5. Prepare a Backyard BBQ

Barbeques are a great summer idea. If your dad loves to grill, then you can turn it to be your way of celebrating him on father’s day. Treat him with a BBQ party at your back yard and let him relax and not engage in the preparations. Purchase his favorite meat and some veggies.

Alternatively, you can prepare a hotdog or burger along with his favorite fixings. Fill the cooler or bucket with his favorite drinks.  Go a little bit further by setting the scene. You can achieve these by lighting lanterns, colored lights, and putting up sports pennants. Take the opportunity to cheer up your dad as you get to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

6. Go for a Pool Splash

Your dad will not resist cooling off at the pool, especially in summer. Relax at the pool with a great book and enjoy basking in the sun.

Alternatively, you can book a beach vacation. Does your dad work so hard that he forgets to take some break? A beach remedy would be perfect for getting him to take a break. It will give you and your dad some precious time to decompress. The white sand, ocean, and fun activities will make his mind relax.

7. Go for a Spa

The spa isn’t a ladies-only thing. Celebrating your father can be as low-key as booking him for a professional shave and massage. If your dad enjoys getting pampered, then he will undoubtedly enjoy the gift.

8. Attend A Car Show

Is your dad an absolute auto person? Find out from your local car club where the nearest show of incredible vintage or latest electric car shows. At the show, you will bond as the excitement will get him to tell you stories of his first ride or some of his past funny events.

9. Visit Art Museums

Most art installation museums feature dad-friendly collections. Also, you may try checking out arts which fall in his area of interest or which you are sure he will enjoy. It will provide some escape from the standard traditional museum.

10. Plan a Trip

Utilize the big day and plan a day trip. You could go on a road trip to a scenic place. Go to exciting places such as the local sports bar, driving range, or a bowling alley. If your dad loves adventure, you can try kayaking, zip-lining, or simply surfing. You can take the adventure up a notch by putting use to your cheap snowboarding goggles and taking him somewhere you can test your skills in the popular winter sport. Alternatively, you can go for a hike as a family. Let your dad be the leader and decide on the places to go. Join in and get ready to make incredible memories.

11. Attend a Concert

Check out which concerts are coming up close by and book tickets. Find a group that’s touring from his youth.  It can be fun to watch and see the inner youth in your dad cutting loose. Even if the show may not be a big one, he will appreciate the time you spent together at the concert.


They say actions speak louder than words. A father’s day card may not scream your appreciation the same way spending time with your dad might. The above ideas should help you pull off an incredible Father’s day activity that will help you bond.