I’d like to welcome our readers to our community Discord group. For those unfamiliar with Discord. It’s a free, all-in-one voice and text chat service. It’s entirely secure and works on both your desktop and phone. Within this community you’ll find a live discussion platform conversing on literature, ethics, health, leadership, masculinity, philosophy, critical Thinking and general life shenanigans. So if you’re looking for a place to vent about your day, or you’re simply looking to find a solution to a problem you’re facing—then come and pay us a visit.

Getting started with Discord

Below is a brief introduction to getting started if you’ve never used Discord before. Firstly, Discord is available free, on both desktop and mobile. Choose your device of choice and head on over to discordapp.com to download the app.

Great, now you have the app—open it up and look for the option to register. (Interface may differ for mobile and desktop respectively) Once you’re registered, click the image above to visit our Discord channel and you should then arrive within our #rules channel. (You may be required to verify your email before proceeding.)

What are channels?

Within the Capable Men discord group, there are various different channels that separate the different topics of discussion. You’ll begin within the #rules channel—where you’ll see an introduction and the respective channel descriptions.

  • #general — How’s life mate? A live chat for general life discussion.
  • #practical-advice — Have a problem? Drop it in here and let’s see if we can find a solution.
  • #global-affairs — Wish to discuss global news and politics? This is the place.
  • #the-academy — A sanctuary for serious discussions relating to reason, knowledge and philosophical analysis can be found here.
  • #culture-and-society — Discussing the fascinating ideas, customs, and social behaviour of humans in the world today.
  • #book-club — Reading books together, discussing and listening to other perspectives. Books will be chosen by vote.
  • #health-and-wellness — Health, exercise, and wellness discussion. Share your own personal health strategies or reach out to others for advice.
  • audio chat [VOICE] — Fancy a debate? Or perhaps you wish to listen in on an ongoing discussion. Periodically we’ll be hosting scheduled live debates here.

Use the sidebar to display the various channels, and click the channel that features the topic you’re interested in discussing to open up the chatroom.

What next?

Get involved! Tell us about your day in #general, break down a problem you fixed in #practical_advice, give us your thoughts on the latest political scandal in #culture_and_politics, or come and question the very essence of existence itself over at #the_academy!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Final note: Notifications

For those of you who are using the Discord app on your phone, you’ll find by default that each message to the group will trigger a notification. Not so good for the phone’s battery, and perhaps not so good for one’s concentration in life. If you wish to disable the notifications from appearing, open the Discord app and click the white menu button on the upper left corner: (☰) Then select the Capable Men group icon on the left bar. With the group’s channels now displayed, click the 3 white dots at the top next to the words Capable Men: (···) and click the Notification Settings option.

With the Notification Settings menu now open, you can then choose to Mute the Capable Men group or choose more specific notification options as seen in the image above.

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