Encouraging Your Child to Follow Their Dreams


  Every kid dreams of being someone he wants to be as he grows up. When you were a kid, perhaps you had a dream, but your parents never encouraged you, or maybe they weren’t so thrilled with your idea and taught you to pursue something else. Whatever your experience was as … Read more

Ways to Make Your Children Feel Loved


Kids perceive the world entirely different as adults, so you working hard to earn money for their needs may not leave them the impression that you genuinely love them. Do you remember the things that made you feel loved when you were a kid? Think about it. Perhaps you remember having a … Read more

Character Traits Boys Don’t Get from Computer Games

A boy playing computer games

Most parents are concerned primarily about their children’s education because they want them to be successful adults. That’s good, but have you ever had to deal with complaints from your child’s teacher or principal about his unacceptable behavior in school? Taking them to school and paying for education is important, but your … Read more

Guiding Your Children to Spend and Save Wisely

Savings Money Child Pink Piggy Bank Pig

Saving money and spending wisely is a lesson that you must teach your kids so that they will be able to build wealth and have a secure financial future. Many of us have learned it the hard way, with some having to go through lots of debt to be able to learn … Read more

What Every Daughter Needs to Hear Her Dad Say

Two young girls kissing their dad on both cheeks

Girls are wired differently than boys. If you can easily bond with your son doing manly things, you daughter needs your time as they feel loved differently. She needs a strong rock like her dad to lean on. She needs someone who will treat them kindly and respectfully. And one of the … Read more

5 Things Sons Need from Their Fathers


There’s nothing like a good father-and-son relationship. As boys grow up, there will be many influences to his development to adulthood, and as a father, you should be his most important role model. Your son needs you. A good father ensures that he’s giving his son the fundamental things he needs. Having … Read more

Talking to Sons about How to Treat Girls

A silhouette of a man talking with his son while watching the sunset

Dads need to teach their sons how to treat girls with respect. There will be no best person for your sons to learn it from than their dad. The absence of a father’s positive influence is most often filled by the influence of movies, TV, music, peers and pornography. You don’t want … Read more

Tips for Teaching your Son to Shave

Teaching your Son to Shave

Your son may not speak about it, but he will always cherish the things you taught him. When he was a little kid, perhaps you taught him how to play sports, how to fish or hunt, and many other manly things. Now that your child is growing up, he has more things … Read more