Reasons Why Children Need a Present Father

Generally, dads don’t always get the credit they deserve. Even now, as more men are taking roles in the home, and more women are becoming breadwinners, people still tend to view dads as a second-rate mom. Children are still seen as the mother’s responsibility, and that’s a shame because fathers always matter. … Read more

Shopping for a Car for Your Teen

Watching your child grow up from a little baby into a full-grown teenager can be a beautiful experience. They have overcome puberty, they have graduated high school, and it is the moment when your teen has passed a state license test and completed driver’s education. As a dad, you couldn’t be prouder. … Read more

Fathers Make All the Difference

Fathers, or father figures, face a set of challenges in family life and raising the kids. While it is common to see a dad portrayed by the media as the less caring, less involved, and less nurturing parent, a father still has a unique role in raising a child. The involvement of … Read more

Equipping Sons for Manhood

As a father, your role is to provide, protect, care for, and be in a loving relationship with your wife and kids. Doing all that requires a great deal of being a man. Many factors have developed your character. You may also have seen, known, or been involved with other men who … Read more

Encouraging Your Child to Follow Their Dreams

  Every kid dreams of being someone he wants to be as he grows up. When you were a kid, perhaps you had a dream, but your parents never encouraged you, or maybe they weren’t so thrilled with your idea and taught you to pursue something else. Whatever your experience was as … Read more

Ways to Make Your Children Feel Loved

Kids perceive the world entirely different as adults, so you working hard to earn money for their needs may not leave them the impression that you genuinely love them. Do you remember the things that made you feel loved when you were a kid? Think about it. Perhaps you remember having a … Read more

Character Traits Boys Don’t Get from Computer Games

A boy playing computer games

Most parents are concerned primarily about their children’s education because they want them to be successful adults. That’s good, but have you ever had to deal with complaints from your child’s teacher or principal about his unacceptable behavior in school? Taking them to school and paying for education is important, but your … Read more

Guiding Your Children to Spend and Save Wisely

Saving money and spending wisely is a lesson that you must teach your kids so that they will be able to build wealth and have a secure financial future. Many of us have learned it the hard way, with some having to go through lots of debt to be able to learn … Read more