Fun Summer Ideas for Dads and Kids

Dad hiking with child

It’s important for dads to spend time with their kids once in a while because it helps in boosting children’s physical and mental development. Plus, it can also take away all the stress you have from busy days at work. Summer is the best time to bond with your kids because they … Read more

Fun Outdoor Projects for Dad and Kids

Kids in this generation are too inclined to depend on high technology such as playing video games and surfing the internet. In fact, some of them don’t experience playing outside that much. Yes, the internet can provide answers and explanations on a variety of topics, but nothing beats physical activities when learning … Read more

Bonding Activities Dad and Kids Will Enjoy

In most households, moms are usually the ones left at home to take care of the kids while dads spend their time in the office or at work. Moms are typically the ones who get to spend more time with the kids. So, when weekends and holidays come, children are looking forward … Read more