What is an Action Group?
Forming your own action team


Imagine hand-picking a group of people within your area who are highly motivated, skilful and diverse with the sole purpose of working together to achieve anything you can possibly imagine? Modern tribes who travel the globe, formulating strategy and setting objectives to achieve great feats and live a fulfilling life. This is the ambitious goal of our Capable Action Group that we’ve created with the purpose to document an alternative lifestyle as we utilise the collective intellectual resources of a group.

De Brevitate Vitae (On the shortness of Life) by Seneca makes the observation that it is not that we all have a short time to live, but we often end up wasting it doing other stuff that doesn’t matter until we realise it’s too late. Redefining the method of how we accumulate resources, allocate time and enjoy life is the primary goal of our Action Group.


The concept of forming a cooperative alliance within a group for professional, political, or motivational purposes, is nothing new and has been a successful strategy of many successful men for centuries.

In modern times, such groups have found themselves operating under the title of a Mastermind Group as first coined by Napoleon Hill in his world famous book Think and Grow Rich.

Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of
harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.
— Napoleon Hill

the action group

The Action Group is Capable Men's answer to formulating a modern consortium of capable guys with the vision of experimenting, documenting and holding ourselves accountable in our quest to develop and achieve our goals in life.

We at Capable Men have decided to go at this with our own flavour and dismiss the old Mastermind Group terminology. No big reasons for doing so really other than our Action Group sounding cooler and the desire to formulate our own modus operandi without tarnishing the established Mastermind Group concept.


  • Give permission to a group of people who have your best interests at heart to point out your weaknesses and help you develop. (Helping you see those blind-spots)
  • Build a business venture together. 
  • Plan world travel trips and adventures to challenging locations.
  • Free up each other's time as you assemble each other's resources and networks.
  • Set personal goals with capable men holding you accountable.
  • Train together in fitness and sports.

These are some examples of what an Action Group can achieve together in a coalition of proactive people who strive for success and development.

SO How does it work? 

The Action Group idea begins with one man. A single individual who has made the decision to formulate a team that will make up his action group. Our man has the decision to handpick his team in the wild utilising networking methods or simply reaching out to known individuals who are openly looking to join a team.

Composition of an Action Group

An action group should comprise of 2-10 people who make-up a diverse team of men who have various skill-sets which compliment each other in a harmony of effectiveness. Personality traits, hobbies, skills and professions should all be taken into consideration when building your action group. Personal weaknesses should be actively highlighted and supplemented by the strengths of others in the group. 


Our man must actively search for people to join his team. Assuming he is alone, his first priority is to locate his 1st team member. This may be an easy decision if you have close freinds that you feel can fit this role well. However, the capable Action Group you envision may not be suitable for people in your current friendship circles and thus he’ll actively have to search for this crucial first team member.

Networking will be essential to do this. Actively putting himself in places where capable people will be in abundance to connect with is key. Entrepreneurial meet-ups, sports teams, local events are just a few places which will be good locations to start. Local communities on the internet that focus on the hobbies, skill-sets and vision that you envision within your team are also good candidates for reaching new people.

I have a number 2! 

The fun now begins. This new duo can now start discussing the future team and what sort of feats you wish to achieve together. This will dictate what sort of people will be required to make it work. No action group will be the same as another, with philosophies and objectives differing substantially from each and every group. Alliances between groups who share similar philosophies to share resources will be highly encouraged (more on this later)

Fine dining? 

One good technique to use for recruitment is the dining method. When your team comprises of at least 2 people you can actively schedule an evening meal at a restaurant every 2 weeks for your team to meet and converse. Using this 2 week window between each meet, team member 1 must actively bring a new person to the meal, and team member 2 should bring a new person also. With 4 people now present at the first dinner (x2 team & x2 newbies) you can assess and discuss the project and vision to determine if these people are suitable for your team. The pressure of having two weeks to find and invite somebody new to the team will be a challenging and rewarding process of actively speaking to new people and searching for excellence.

At the next meeting you will have 1 of 3 scenarios.

  1. You didn’t recruit anybody from the first meet, team remains at x2. Process repeats itself in 2 weeks.
  2. You recruited x1 person. This new person must now spend 2 weeks looking for the next guest. The person who invited the unsuccessful candidate must once again spend 2 weeks looking to invite a new candidate.
  3. You recruited x2 persons. Both new members must now spend 2 weeks looking for new members for the team to join the dinner at the restaurant for team evaluation.

The process of our new team members highlighting the next potential candidates allows a diverse selection of people based on a democratic process. Groups that form through the sole vision of an individual will often formulate around the persona of that individual. Not necessarily a bad thing, just something to be aware of. 

Be sure to choose a centralised location in your town/city which is easily assessable. And nothing too expensive, you don’t want to be causing financial issues for people who wish to partake in the team but are struggling to do so because of the group’s fine dining preferences.

Who are we? 

When you have 2-3 people in your team you can start setting some general foundations for your team to begin with. Philosophy, a code of ethics for what is expected of each man, a group name and even a logo if you want to get creative. To begin with, a rule that should be expected from each person is the motion that you’re reachable and dependable when needed the most. Failure to uphold a fundamental team approved code can and should be grounds for the removal of ineffective members. 

No Place to Hide

This is fundamentally the accountability aspect of the project. Each team should be actively documenting their experience online. This will enable the formulation of advice, discussion, alliances from other groups, accountability and fans. Tales of impressive feats and success from other Action Groups will often be selected to be featured on capablemen.com


Not everybody will be able to join your tight-tribe of mastery. However, throughout your adventures you will undoubtedly bump into great people who will be able to assist your team along the way. A person who can assist with programming, cheap air-fair, event management, legal advice. These people should be commended on their skills and fully informed of your vision. A mutual arrangement between your group and this Node should be bartered with, and our node should have a good reason to maintain such a relationship.

The end goal to have a resource of dependable nodes at your disposal that can be reliably called upon when required.


At some point it may become apparent that there is an Action Group operating close to your location that is similar to your own group’s goals and philosophy. An alliance is something which can be official formulated between groups to share nodes, resources and manpower to supplement each other's teams when required to achieve even more notable feats.


The Action Group stands as a solution which strives to bring out the best of collective co-operation, utilising a diverse set of skill-sets amongst an organised group of men who strive for success and personal development. We aim to organise and document the experience of forming such a group within the modern world.