Q&A with Tim Kennedy - US Special Forces & Mixed Martial Artist


Every time you train, train with the motivation and purpose that you will be the hardest person someone ever tries to kill.
— Tim Kennedy

Tim, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today at Capable Men. Active duty US Special Forces and a professional mixed martial artist; all-round badass dude if I may say so myself. You must have a pretty strong opinion on what you feel makes a well rounded, capable man right? 

Recognize what your weaknesses are. Know your strengths and always try to operate with in them. 

Pretty much if you don't act like a pussy and you work hard everything will shake out just fine.

What is your single proudest achievement in all of your previous endeavours?

This is the saddest and most tragic part of my occupation. All of the really great things that we've done. We can't talk about. I'm not trying to throw a cliché. Honestly it's permanent torture. I've been fortunate to be at the right place at the right time to meet some truly evil bastards face-to-face. Those moments make me smile. 

I loved being there for the birth of my children. 

I loved representing the US military at the Ultimate Fighting Championships: Fight for the Troops and not only winning but winning in a spectacular fashion with a fight of the night KO.

I’ve seen you recently getting bloody and having a lot of fun while filming a movie that I’m personally looking forward to Range 15. What would be your own plan of action during a Zombie Apocalypse? 

Find the closest Amish community, and go hang out with them. They pretty much live in a post-apocalyptic world anyway so it's ripe with opportunity to not starve. Additionally I would have to figure out a way to hide my permanent boner of there actually being a zombie apocalypse.

What is an essential skill that you feel all our readers could possess and begin to work on right away?

Situational awareness is by far the most important thing. Keeping your head in the game at all times and being aware of your surroundings. Understanding atmospherics and biometrics.

you have given Apple your approval on social media regarding their recent fight back against the United States Government concerning privacy invasion. What are your thoughts on this issue?

I'm a constitutionalist and a libertarian. If you want to dance naked around your house while you're snorting lines of blow off your gay boyfriend's butt go for it. The Government has no business being in our lives, on our phones, or telling us what to do, when to do it, or how we do it. I'm done with this ongoing erosion of our freedoms. At some point we're just going to have to grab our balls put our foot down and say no more. You can't take anymore.

And finally, how does Tim Kennedy want to be remembered by the world? I’m sure a UFC Middleweight title to add to this grand story of yours wouldn’t go amiss? 

Obviously world champion would have a nice ring to it, but I don't give a shit about fighting. It's the least important aspect of my life. I do it because I enjoy it. I want people to remember me as a patriot. Somebody that understood what America is and what it stands for; that he truly stood for something and was uncompromising in how he approached it.

The Powerful Tim Kennedy

The Powerful Tim Kennedy

The founder of Capable Men. 

Currently operating personal projects while he simultaneously attempts to develop the Capable Men platform. John served five years in the British army, with a tour of duty in Afghanistan before eventually departing the forces to begin a career in the private security sector.

John attended several private protection courses dealing with security strategy, close-quarters combat training, firearms and advanced driving. This new profession took him worldwide Including the protection of government assets in South America, VIP tasks on the Côte d'Azur and security work within the French Alps.

His interests include global affairs, philosophy, hiking, sports and fitness.