The Action Group 2.0

AN Action Group Experiment DEBRIEF

Only a month ago, I provided a brief summary which aimed to highlight the progress and the challenges faced by our group thus far. This second month has not only provided the biggest challenge but perhaps the biggest revelation towards the development of a modern consortium of men who wish to formulate their resources and mind-power to assist one another and prosper. 


When you break down our group's members one by one, we're creatures of movement. Between us all we have a vast history of travel and exploration and it is with this inherent, collective trait that spans across our team that we have encountered our first big obstacle. The very idea of one of us leaving the group for a undetermined amount of time has now become a reality with one of our members having to depart Europe shortly due to visa requirements.

It was with this sudden realisation that our trio would find itself split-up very shortly that we got to work with brainstorming a solution - which could theoretically allow us all the freedom of roaming while retaining the ability to grow in unison wherever one might happen to be across the globe. 


For those familiar with our original concept of an Action Group we briefly spoke of the Node - A hypothetical third party whom could assist your own physical team from the outside. However, for our own experiment - we haven't quite had the opportunity to utilise the node concept as we have been preoccupied with the juggling of internal team dynamics for the initial stages of this experiment. 

It was with the node concept in mind that we decided to act before our impending break-up - We decided to formulate a global 'hub' online, consisting of freinds and trusted members as one major element of our Action Group moving forward. This 'hub' would offer us a base to connect to one another regardless of a member's location. I know, this is getting quite confusing, right? It all makes sense and is actually quite marvellous - so stick with me, I'm about to show you what we have proposed.

Current Model:

Building yourself a strong team

As you can see, this model suffers the moment one of our members leaves the group for any period of time - With no way of a traveling member retaining a connection to the numerous goals and personal tasks in play.

The vast number of individual tasks in place on any given week during this experiment was numerous - all in place to push each member towards their own personal goals. However, this impersonal approach didn't really offer a group reward system and we all felt pretty run down with this approach after each weekly planning session.

Solution Model:

Building a team of people around you

With this new system, we could offer refuge for any traveling members via a global 'hub' that allows the member to leave the physical tribe of any location - but continue to offer their ideas and contributions online to the main hub. Those connected to this newly formed collective are encouraged to form their own physical groups in their own locations.

Secondly, we would drop the personal goals. This was a tough one to propose as it was the very foundation to our day one approach. However the dynamics of tribal collaboration require collaborative goals and our selfish objectives simply didn't allow the group to work in unison in the way that only a mutual objective can.

Developing your ideal team


This experiment of ours has certainly been stretched beyond the ideal parameters, (having to formulate global solutions for a localised group simply testing out some shit!) which makes this project very difficult to sustain each week moving forward. As an experiment, this was always going to be a feeling out process and a chance to see what works and what doesn't. The project now finds itself on pause indefinetly as the above concept solution failed to hold momentum (based on external factors.)

The lessons of the Action Group experiment still stand, and we hope to potentially return to this project one day in the future or at the very least employ the successful lessons of this experiment into our future teamwork/group environments!