Male Only Zone?

Why is capable men aimed towards men and not women? When a platform is tailored towards a specific demographic, it will likely find itself on the RECEIVING end of questioning. we felt it was time to clarify why capable men is aimed towards men.

When I made the decision last year to develop an online personal development platform; ideology, philosophy, geography, culture and demographics were crucial factors that all had to be considered when formulating a global online platform for self-improvement. But who was it that we could reach out to and communicate with effectively within the limitations of our own experience and resources? With an all male team we decided that focusing towards our own gender seemed the most sensible group that we could relate to and assist. Each gender comes with its own obstacles in life that requires specific strategies to overcome and achieve these goals when it comes to personal development.

Masculinity in modern culture, relationships and the transition to fatherhood are just a few examples that will require a gender-specific approach and discussion. Not everybody wishes to sift through endless articles which they can’t personally utilise from the opposite gender. A platform that provides tailored advice and strategy for males was born. Tailored advice platforms exist in many forms the world over catering to women, different nationalities, religions, ethnic groups and more. An idealist observation could be made that these type of segregated platforms do nothing but divide us and generate conflict. And I couldn't disagree more.

The different cultures we all find ourselves in today, treats each and everyone of the aforementioned groups in a way which highly differs from each and every group. This means each group must look at the world from their own perspective or suffer the ramifications of bias and control. For men this is no exception, the traditional male gender roles are still socially mandated. When we set out to develop a personal-development platform for men which regularly discusses society and psychology, this gender specific focus allows us to optimise the approach and strategy which should bring the best results.

When building a personal development platform that is geared towards men, many articles and discussions may not have a gender specific theme and will be usable by all. This is were it is abundantly clear that our platform ventures into the Human Optimisation realm and becomes a hybrid of both strategies. For many, this has become a source of confusion. How can a brand be aimed towards men yet claim it is a development resource for humans? Capable Men can, and it sure is what we do. Yes, we’re a personal development platform for men; this is very clear. Sure you can use this website if you’re a woman. (Just be aware that you may have to filter through some content which may not be geared towards you.) And finally, yes we can be all about the Human Optimisation; because our platform is accessible to all of humanity. (Provided you have an internet connection and are not within the borders of North Korea.) While our direction and development strategy may be aimed towards a specific make-up of chromosomes; providing the lifestyle motivation, thought-provoking concepts or improvement guides which enables you to be the best human being possible is our end game.