Best Podcasts for Men: 5 Shows that will immediately improve your life

Anybody who regularly listens to Podcasts can tell you how beneficial they are towards self awareness. We have the ability to eavesdrop into the conversations of some of the most fasinating people on Earth. Their habits, opinions and tales are ours to digest for hours on end to reflect upon. No longer are people limited to the thoughts and opinions of our own social circles and the bias of conventional media. Podcasts allow a raw insight into the minds of wise people all over the globe, as you assume the role as the fly on the wall. Your workout, drive to work or evening walk is now transformed into a fasinating world of dialogue which offers us the opportunity to leave the moment more insightful than before. So without further ado, we present our best podcasts for men, that offer various perspectives of personal development that will immediately improve your life for the better.

What are the best podcasts for men?


We begin our list with the world famous Tim Ferriss Show. This Podcast is often the #1 business podcast on all of iTunes, and it’s been ranked #1 (of all podcasts) on many occasions. In each episode, Tim Ferriss interviews world-class performers from a vast assortment of areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines that we can all utilise within our own lives. This includes their favourite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and more.

3 Episodes of note:

2. Jocko Podcast

Next up is the powerful Jocko Podcast. (We recently featured a review of the Jocko Podcast, check it out.) Listening to this Podcast is comparable to having your own personal Navy Seal commander in your back pocket. Jocko Willink features as the podcast's main man, with Echo Charles acting as the podcast's quintessential co-host and facilitator. Jocko regularly brings us the lessons of extreme leadership to his podcast that advocates self-awareness, effective leadership, physical prowess and extreme ownership of one's self.


3. Common Sense with Dan Carlin

When Dan Carlin isn't raising your arm hair with his exhilarating storytelling of some of history's most momentous tales he is often tackling the politics of the present moment in his Common Sense Podcast. Common Sense with Dan Carlin is an independent look at politics and current events from a neutral viewpoint which continuously asks the important questions of democracy and governance. I think it's very important that people listen to this kind of insight on current affairs. A smart, unique (and admittedly U.S.-centric) show that offers an authentic, welcoming approach to analysing the events of the world while often challenging our own viewpoints and ethics along the way.


4. Sam Harris Waking Up Podcast

An intellectual show featuring neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events. Sam Harris is famous for his writing and public lectures which cover a wide range of topics—neuroscience, moral philosophy, religion, spirituality, violence, human reasoning—but generally focuses on developing an understanding of ourselves and how the world is changing our sense of how we should live.


5. The Joe Rogan Experience

I've had the pleasure of listening to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to supplement my travels for approximately 6 years now. UFC commentator, Comedian and TV personality Joe Rogan features guests from all across the talent spectrum. Comedians, actors, musicians, MMA fighters, authors, porn stars; The list goes on. The show features a barmy, manly humour which frequently takes us across a metaphysical adventure which can often form an engaging discussion about the colonisation of Mars to suddenly discussing dog farts. No longer able to keep up with each new episode due to the intensity of Joe's output, I now find myself picking out favourable guests of note.