1 Month of Radical Self-Improvement
1 month guide to change your life
You’re the hero in your movie. Right now, is when the fucking movie starts and your life is a shitbag disaster like every fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where he wakes up and makes a blender full of pizza and ice cream ... those guys when they think they’re on the brink and put the gun in their mouth and put it down because they see a photo of their daughter - pretend that’s you. Pretend that right now you are in the part of that movie that starts and it shows you as a fucking loser, and just decide not to be a loser anymore.
Live your life like there’s a documentary crew following you around and you are analysing your own behaviour. Do what you would want to do, so that your kids would one day look back at it and see that documentary, and look on it with pride, like: “Wow my dad was a bad motherfucker, he really did what he had to do.
— Joe Rogan

1 month of radical self-improvement

Welcome to the 1 month guide of radical self-improvement. Here in this program, Capable Men provides you with a powerful blueprint to shake things up for the next 4 weeks. Feeling a little tired lately? In need of a new challenge? Well look no further - Our guide provides a nice assortment of exercises that guarantees an interesting month for all those who have the discipline to reach the finish line.

We have also provided below a free PDF calendar that you can print yourself, for a convenient visual breakdown of the challenge. Oh, and feel free to rearrange a few days if our schedule is logistically unfeasible.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Day 1 - Start a new book

Our 1 month of radical self-improvement begins with a new book. Aim to complete it before the end of the challenge.

Day 2 -  Outdoor workout

Embrace the elements, it's time for a functional outdoor workout. Find yourself an outdoor gym, a playground, a climbing wall or failing the aforementioned suggestions, head into forest and start utilising the environment.

Day 3 - lose THE clothes you don’t wear

You haven't worn that shirt in 2 years! It's time to clean out the wardrobe.


It's time for a day trip - Explore a town, city or area, somewhere you have never set foot before.

Day 5 - Download 5 Podcasts

Podcasts are an incredible resource that don’t often get the love they deserve. Podcasts allow you to immediately enter the room of some of the most fascinating people on earth as they discuss the intricacies of life - Sure, you can’t exactly join in the conversation, but we’re simply observing in this case and that’s all we want.

You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With

They say right? Start including people like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Joe Rogan, Dan Carlin and Tim Ferris into your life and your insight will immediately begin to broaden. You can listen to podcasts almost anywhere - On the way to work, in the gym and while you’re walking the dog. Download 5 new podcasts featuring subjects that interest you, and immediately begin to enter a new realm of information. Finish them before this challenge ends.


What type of museum? Totally your choice! Take a moment to appreciate the works and history of your fellow man.

Day 7 - No Technology Today

We're off the grid today. Lose the telephone, the laptop, the watch, all of it! - This is a day of connecting with your native environment with zero distractions. Use this day to truly listen to your body and roll with the feedback you get from having zero tech to rely on. The urges will be apparent, but the emptiness will be filled with observation, listening and connecting to your environment. Who knows what you'll take away from this day?


Today you will literally create something unique that wasn’t on this planet yesterday - A painting, a drawing, writing music, a poem, a piece of writing - And it doesn't matter if you think it sucks - get as creative as possible!

Day 9 - Begin a journal 

For the remainder of this challenge, I want you to free up 30 minutes before you go to sleep to write about each day. For those who aren't familiar with expressing one's thoughts into writing, this is truly an excellent exercise that challenges your brain into articulating your observations and thoughts.

Day 10 - Challenge a friend(s) to a game/sport

It's game time and we're playing to win. Pick your challenge and get your fellow competitors onboard.

Day 11 - Plant something that will provide food

Growing your own food is like printing your own money.

It really is. Find yourself some seeds, get them into soil and embrace the magic of nature.

Day 12 - Watch a Documentary

Watch a documentary about something important/highly relevant in the world today that you know very little about. Perhaps you'll agree with the message or perhaps you won't. It's a chance to ponder over new viewpoints.

Some suggestions:

  • Cartel Land
  • The Fog of War
  • Citizenfour
  • Restrepo
  • Inside Job


It’s time to walk into nature and get in touch with your wild side. Remember, your modern lifestyle has existed for a minuscule 0.001% of human history.

Day 14 - Remove the biggest OBSTACLE

This is a strategic lifestyle removal task:

What is the one thing you could remove or stop doing today that would have the most positive impact in your life?

Smoking? No more junk food? Cutting a negative person out of your life? Have a really good think about it, you have all day after all. Then, remove it for the remainder of this challenge. (Or forever, your call)

DAY 15 - RUN

Humans are excellent runners - And that is really great for us because if we do it regularly, it brings us many benefits. Surprisingly some people don’t do it enough. Today though, that is not you - Pull up a map and set yourself a nice target. Run to it and run back. Simple.

Day 16 - Create a hard-drive of life

Get yourself a hard-drive, encrypt it and then fill it with all your life photos, certificates, achievements, creative content, important documents, videos, journal entries and other relevant content you deem appropriate for your digitalised treasure chest. This is an excellent private, secure resource to have offline and offer access to close family members in the event of the worst. If you're not comfortable with anybody having access to such a piece of kit, provide the password in your will. You have one right?

Relevant Reading Material: Creating a Digital Estate Plan

Day 17 - Reach out to 3 old connections

Get in touch with 3 old connections - Social media is an excellent tool to easily reach out to people who have made an impact in our lives. Think of 3 people you haven’t spoken to in the longest time, who you highly respect and find out what is going on in their lives. Perhaps a catch up can be arranged?

Day 18 - Provide a powerful change

This is a strategic upgrade - Take a moment to think about this: 

What is the one thing you could realistically begin today that would have the most positive impact in your life?

Is it joining a gym? Learning a martial art? Buying a motorcycle and planning to travel? Do it.

Day 19 - Plan the perfect day

What would your ideal day look like to you if you could get full oversight? What time do you get up? What is for breakfast? What do you do after you have eaten it? Who do you see that day? Today we’re hovering over the strategy table and writing down our ideal day, step by step and in clear-cut detail before we execute this plan tomorrow. 

Day 20 - Emperor for the day

No plans, no distractions - Pull out yesterday's plan and execute. Operation Emperor is now in effect.

Day 21 - A day of selflessness

It was a short reign ah? Today we look outside of oneself - Give blood, donate to charity, take a bunch of old stuff to a charity store, visit someone in need, do some volunteer work... - Today is all about giving!

Day 22 - Write 2 messages to your future self

Fire up the calendar on your phone or computer and create 2 new entries. The first entry will be exactly 1 year from now and the second will be 3 years from now - Why you ask? Life contains a shit load of blind spots and it’s easy to get lost along the safe liner path of the status quo without looking up from time to time.

What type of person do you want to be? What goals do you wish to achieve? This is your chance to immortalise those words and call out your future self, both in 1 year and in 3! - Write 2 powerful messages to your future self and add them to the respective calendar entries with an alert. Perhaps these messages will be the fire that gives your future self the boost it needs?

Day 23 - talk to strangers

Today we're going to do what our mothers told us never to do. (Gasp) Maintain eye contact and engage with 3 complete strangers in public (But what should I say?) Single? Ask for their telephone number - In a relationship? It's cool, just strike up some harmless conversation. We're simply breaking social convention here, getting over our fears and engaging with our fellow creatures on this big rock called Earth as it orbits this mighty fireball. No big deal.

Sample icebreaker:

Hey, I know this might sound strange, but if I don’t ask you this, I’ll be kicking myself all day - I think you’re really cute and I would like to ask you for your phone number. You can totally give me a fake one if you’re not actually interested.

Day 24 - Do something you're not supposed to do

Shit, weren’t expecting this one ah? Humans are social creatures and we’re easily coerced and manipulated into thinking and doing stuff we don’t necessarily want to do in order to fit in and achieve safety. This isn’t a call for anarchy! This is a call for you to think for yourself and do something today which is on your own terms, that you’re morally ok with and that you accept total responsibility with. (Tip - Leave the toilet seat up, I dare you)

Day 25 - Define your purpose

In the pursuit to figure out what really drives you in life, let’s answer a question today:

If you had all the time and all the money in the world, what would you do?

Take this question seriously, it's not meant to be some new-age nonsense with the goal of profound change starting tomorrow. This is a powerful question that forces you to actually question what it is that drives you here on this earth. Get your answer up on a wall somewhere and let’s start looking into how you can playfully step up and integrate small lifestyle changes that push you ever closer, towards this answer of yours.

Day 26 - tell somebody your life story

Anybody! A family member, a close friend or even a complete stranger! One person who can give you a bit of their time today and relax, as they listen to the profound tale of your life here on Earth. This will be a captivating tale which takes the listener through your childhood and beyond, with your profound insight along the way. 

Narrating your own biography to another person should be a powerful experience whatever happens. (This task could result in a positive or negative experience). Perhaps you'll expose the inner demons and gain from the therapeutic process? Or maybe it will be quite tough, as your listener struggles to concentrate on a story lacking excitement? Maybe this is the exact moment, that you begin to truly appreciate that you have lived an amazing life and that you haven't quite put it all together before.

Whatever the end result, this process should offer you a sincere lesson, worthy of your undivided attention.


Mastering the cold face - Today we will not utter a single negative sentence for an entire 24-hour period. We will embrace the darkness of life on this day with nothing but control and calmness. #Capable


It's graduation day and if you have made it to the end of this challenge, give yourself a fucking tap on the shoulder sir, you've earned it. - Look, it's not that this entire challenge is the most difficult to pull off, any capable man can tackle these exercises individually. What makes this an impressive feat is the fact that you made a conscious decision to incorporate a foreign task into your life that lasted 4 weeks and you executed it. I guarantee many who started this challenge can't say the same.

Most people lose against themselves. No discipline to keep at something that they personally made the decision to start. I mean fuck - Anybody who wishes to start this challenge can see what it entails before they begin. Don't mistake this rant as one aimed towards anybody who hasn't started this challenge - No, I am talking about those who made a conscious decision to give this a go, with every intention to complete it but didn't make it to the end. These people represent the majority of men who lose the battle each day against themselves - But right now, this isn't about them. You're the guy who started this and made it to the end, and that is something which is transferable throughout life itself. You're a man of action, who puts his mind to something and pulls it off.

So, on this final day. What was the biggest lesson you learnt about yourself during the previous month? Maybe the journal isn't for you after this challenge - But you gave it a go, right? Perhaps that date didn't go so well with that girl who you got the number from at the park? - But you tried anyway.

Take a moment to establish your final lesson from this entire experience and take that with you into the future. 

What you do from tomorrow is up to you.

Do what you must to do, so that your kids would one day look back at their father’s life and be like: “Wow my dad was a bad motherfucker, he really did what he had to do.