Treating cold sore lesions – advice and the best new medicine!

Not every body suffers from cold sore lesions, but for a great many people, this is another one of the many miseries that follows with the cold virus, the flu and some other ailments in wintertime. If you suffer from these at a predictable rate, or even occasionally, then you know how painful, unsightly and embarrassing they really are. You may want to buy Zovirax Cream, and shortly, I will explain why.

First, however, let’s talk about exactly what cold sore lesions are, what their dangers are, and what some other additional treatments you may want to consider could be.

What are cold sore lesions?

You may have heard that cold sore lesions are in fact a form of herpes. This is in fact true, though it’s not quite the same strain of viruses that transmitted through intercourse. However, the symptoms are very similar, and this can lead to some embarrassment, among other things. This is a virus, and a virus isn’t technically a life, but is made out of the most fundamental component that life is also composed from – DNA.

Viruses are hard to “kill”, but there exist a great many ways to kill them, depending on the virus in question. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Are they a cold symptom?

No, cold sores got their name due to their association with the cold, but they are a separate issue altogether. They tend to spread around the same time, for similar reasons, due to people being crowded together to stay out of the cold. People’s immune systems tend to also be compromised due to cold, and the cold virus itself weakens that immune system even more. This makes many people exceptionally susceptible to this particular illness.

What are the dangers?

Cold sore lesions are not inherently lethal, but they are very painful. They can lead to infections, and there are some studies that indicate that consistent outbreaks could lead to a higher risk for skin and mouth cancers as well.

Are there natural treatments?

Depending on how severe the lesions are, the immediate symptoms can be treated with the use of general analgesics, such as creams made with aspirin, aloe or garlic. These draw out various irritants and toxins of the body produces in its fight against these lesions, though they do little against the actual virus itself. Drying out these lesions can help as well, so the use of salt water has a little bit of merit, though prepare for that to sting quite a bit.

Attacking the virus itself?

As I said, you may want to buy Zovirax Cream, as Zovirax Cream is a nucleoside, in particular a synthetic one. Nucleosides are a type of medication designed to cause the structure of a virus to break down, thus being something to actually attacked the virus itself. Being a topical treatment, any potential side effects are very limited, and any risk of allergies severely reduced as well.

If you want to buy Zovirax Cream, your best choice is going to be through an online pharmacy, where you can save significant amounts of money. Going with the generic variety will save you further money, while providing you with the same powerful, effective medication as well.