The Importance of Property Styling to Sell Your Home

The bustling city of Sydney has consistently been voted as the best city in Australia, which is why a lot of people from within and outside the country are migrating to live in Sydney. Recent statistics have shown that the number of people who moved into Sydney far exceeds those that left the city to live elsewhere. When people migrate to live elsewhere, they leave behind their homes, which they are most likely to sell.

The migration of people in and out of the city is an opportunity for homeowners or home builders to sell their homes. However, when selling a house, sellers should know the different techniques in successful home selling. One key to a successful sale is hiring an expert who does property styling in Sydney to stage your home for you.

What is Property Styling? 

Property styling is also known as home staging. It is the process of making a house sellable to a wider range of buyers. However, home staging should not be mistaken for interior design since these two terms have entirely different goals.

Interior Design

An interior designer’s main goal is to customize the look of the home according to the taste and preference of the homeowner. Interior designers will often discuss design ideas with homeowners and create several design plans based on the homeowners’ information. An interior designer’s place is to create a more personalized home for the new owners. This job may include designs that include the complete renovation of architectural aspects of the home, repainting to create a new color palette, and replacing furniture to match the homeowners’ preference.

Home Staging

Home staging or property styling is the process of cleaning up the house to make it more appealing to a wider range of buyers. Professionals dealing with property styling in Sydney will ensure that a house will sell fast by doing the following tasks.

  • Understand the Targeted Demographics. Different areas of Sydney appeal to different types of demographics. It is the property stylists’ responsibility to make sure that your house will appeal to the demographics that are most likely to purchase a house in your specific area. For example, if your house is located within an Asian community, it will mostly be bought by another Asian family. Your property stylist will understand this and will stage your home that will appeal to the Asian market.
  • Remove Personal Items and Clutter.Home staging experts will also remove your personal belongings, such as family photos and the clutter in your main living areas. However, if you are still living in your home, property stylists may move all your belongings in one room and stage the rest of the house for would-be buyers. Removing personal items is important to avoid making prospects feel intruding in somebody else’s home. Likewise, your preferences and tastes may clash with your potential buyers, leading to the sale not pushing through.
  • Removing Old Furniture and Staging New Ones.A worn-out leather sofa in your living room may put off a potential buyer. Likewise, the furniture that you have in your home may appear tacky to other buyers. Property styling in Sydney will remove your existing furniture and stage new furniture that is more generic and appealing to most buyers.
  • Create a Homey Environment. One way of making your house sell fast is to create a welcoming environment that will tickle the buyer’s senses. Home staging experts will use different scents that will appeal to the buyer that the house is clean. Cut lemons and squeezed lemons in the kitchen, or wiping counters with Windex will give a scent of cleanliness. Likewise, the living areas may be decorated with a few magazines and other generic items you would see at home.

Author:  Alison Lurie